Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day 2010

This my 250th post! To celebrate, we had snow today! We were expecting it based on the weather man, but I never really put much stock in that. At some point this afternoon, probably between 1 and 1:30, I went to look out the window (again) and my boss laughed and said, "It still isn't snowing, Marcy." I looked anyway, and it WAS snowing, very lightly (HA!). The next time I looked (from a distance) it was snowing much harder. We are still pretty busy, but apparently some other people aren't because tons of people were just standing or sitting with their heads poking out of their cubes watching it snow. I headed home around 3:30 because my boss didn't want us sitting in traffic and risk someone running to us because they were watching the snow. I came home and filled all our bird feeders and took pictures. Then, Scott got home and he and I made a snowman, following the lead of our neighbors, Nan and John. I loaded a bunch of pics to an album on Facebook. Here's the link to my album. I also took some pictures on the way home, when I was stopped at lights and stuff like that. I will load some of those below. The kitties were watching it snow and watching the birds eat in the snow. They were all so cute! But, they always are. Scott stuck a ruler in the snow on top of our grill and it went in about 4 1/2 inches!

Personally, I am ready for spring. I mean, I think that getting one day where we get enough snow to make a small snowman and then a couple of other really cold days is all you need so say we've had winter. We've had years like that before. More often than we've had years like this. It has rained a ton and that's the only time it warms up enough to not have freezing weather. We've had two ice/snow storms now. Hello! This is GEORGIA! I think we're going to move south if the winters keep up like this. Seriously. But, our friends at seminary in Dallas, TX have had a lot more snow than we have this winter, so you can't win no matter where you live I guess! The good thing is that all the little bugs that everyone says don't die in the south because it doesn't get cold enough should be dead by now.
So, I hope that everyone enjoys this snowy weather and stays safe!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Officially Mathilda

We have officially adopted Mathila! She got a clean bill of health and the boys seem to get along well with her. She is doing much better now that we have let her out of the bathroom. I think she is already bossing poor Sampson around. She is really a sweet kitty. Yay for Mathilda!