Sunday, October 21, 2007

Easy Cheesy Chicken Chili


2 Cans Great American Beans (Kroger brand is ok)
1 Can chicken broth
1 large can chicken breast (drain)
1 jar medium salsa
2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Dump everything – except cheese into a large pot
Simmer for as long as you like
Right before you serve – add cheese – stir until it melts

Freezes well – but, if you make it to freeze – leave out the cheese
Add when you thaw and re-heat

Sherri at work gave me this recipe. She calls it Easy Chicken Chili, but I am renaming it to Easy Cheesy Chicken Chili because it is really cheesy. It is super good...and it really is easy. I just threw the ingredients in our crock pot on low while I was cooking our lunch and let it sit all day until we were ready to eat. Then, because it makes so much, I spooned half of it into a container to freeze before I added 1 cup of cheese to the half still in the crock pot. We ate it with Fritos, but you don't have to have anything else to eat with this chili. Just FYI, I had never heard of "Great American Beans", but they looked like Navy Beans to me, so that is what I bought.
This is what it looks like before you add the cheese.


CresceNet said...
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Anonymous said...

This looks good and easy. I'll have to try it. Thanks for sharing. I love reading your recipes on your blog.

Marcy and Scott said...

I am really glad that you like my recipes. I love to share recipes!