Friday, April 25, 2008

Our um...NON-Feathered Friend

Well, I was getting tired of seeing my face pop up on the blog each time I logged in, so here is a new post. Thanks for all the nice comments about my hair. We've been very busy. We have re-listed our house with a new real estate agent. We are having a lady come in to stage our house. There will also be a professional photographer coming in to take 30-50 pictures of our house to post on the web and our listing agent gets a "showcase" listing on So, I really hope it sells soon. I am tired of all our stuff being in storage and I have a feeling that even more stuff will have to go.

This past Saturday, we had an interesting visitor. Scott and I had gone to see my grandmother, Meme, and when we were pulling into the driveway, I noticed a "bird" at the feeder. I thought, man, that's a huge bird, what is it. Then, I looked closer and realized it was a squirrel! He saw us seeing him and stopped eating and held on completely still for a second. Then, he just kept on going like, oh well, they will have to come shoo me off if they want me gone! What was I to do? I went inside and stood next to the cats and took pictures, of course!

This same little guy was hanging around on Sunday when we got home from church. I tapped on the glass and everything and he wouldn't budge. So, Scott unlocked the window and started to open it and he fell off like someone had shot him and ran off. The cats had tried to duck their heads out the window (like they could get through the screen) to go get him. I do think that if they really wanted out, they could definitely break through the screen, they are pretty strong, but they don't know it. I'll leave it that way.

Anyways, enjoy:


Sean said...

You are moving?!

Sean said...

I actually just did two inventory counts this week and they weren't too bad. Although I definitely think we should have spent more time and done them better.

Xanga was a site for online journals and I had one since freshman year of college. But then I dropped it because none of my friends visit it anymore. So a new beginning.

Have you found a house yet? Or are you going to wait till your can sell the current one?

Midlife Mom said...

Where are you moving to? I guess I missed that somewhere along the line.

Your cats are thinking what a nice meal that squirrel would make! Mine are always chasing them but never catch them for which I am very thankful! Now I put the birdseed that they like up on the playhouse roof and the cats can't get up there so they are even more safe.

Jennifer said...

This is why I despise squirrels! They hang on our bird feeders like this, and they just stop and stare at us when we bang on the window. The only thing that scares them is if we open the door and come outside. When our wooden feeder was empty, the squirrels started chewing on the wood! They drive me crazy! :-)

Marcy said...

Sean and Midlife Mom - We live in Loganville which is (for those who are not from the Atlanta area) pretty far East of everything. We want to live in Norcross/Duluth, which is close to church, work, family, friends, etc...basically our lives.

Jennifer, tell me how you really feel! I love your comment! They are an annoyance. Luckily, they have not damaged our feeder and the birds keep coming, so I have no complaints, but I know that they can do damage, so we will probably keep scaring him off.