Friday, August 22, 2008


I guess with Fay coming through with all of it's wind (but apparently all the rain is going to miss us), we are having some what of a cool-spell. But, the weird thing is that there are some leaves already turning on trees and all this wind is knocking them down. I came down my street this afternoon and it looked like a fall day! Also, my friend Kim and I sat outside to eat lunch today and we had pinestraw falling in our food and in our hair! It was kind of funny. Here are some pictures I took of our street/yards today when I got home.

This is our driveway. We really didn't have a lot. But, you can see that we are directly across the street from a big patch of trees.
Here is our neighbors', Nan and John's, yard. They live to the left of the trees. Wow! Lots of leaves!
The house on the very right of this picture is our next-door neighbors. Can you see how many leaves are in their yards. There were more in the street, but that's not really pretty. So, I went for pretty pictures.
We currently have our windows open and plan to leave the a/c off until we have to turn it back on! Saving money - that's how we roll!


mom0ktdid said...

I am READY for fall! Love it! My daughter's birthday, halloween, Thanksgiving...then before you know it it's Christmas!

Erin said...

I am loving this weather! We turned off the AC, too. I did wish it would have rained, though. Ah, well, at least it has cooled off a bit - I shouldn't complain! :-)

andysbethy said...

Yeah well... I wish that Fay would blow on her sweet little way... somewhere else. It has done nothing BUT rain for the last two days straight, and it rained with very few breaks the four days before that! My garage is flooded, my yard is flooded, and there is no way I can turn off the ac and open the windows, or my whole house would be flooded! I am not having much sympathy for ya'll up there! However, since I am heading north tomorrow, chances are, knowing my luck with weather, the rain will follow me. If it starts raining in N. GA tomorrow afternoon, that means it followed me up, just so you know.
I just re-read this, and it sounds very negative. I don't mean to be. The rain is good for crops, and has cooled down the weather. I am just getting cabin fever! Sorry!

The Shadburn Family said...

I KNOW! It was so windy on Friday but it felt so good. I did some yard work and I kept saying (to myself) "how nice this cool wind is." We have a lot of trees, too. But it's nice to watch the "fall."

mom0ktdid said...

Um, we have NOT turned off our AC! ha ha! I did close the vent in Noah's room last night, but there is no way I could convince my husband to turn off the AC yet. that will probably happen around Halloween for us! ha ha!
Plus, opening a window here with the way our children have allergies would be disastrous. For me too actually.
Have you ever purchased local honey to help with allergies? I am convinced that is what has helped us the past year! We eat it on waffles, in tea, etc and our allergies aren't NEAR as bad, if only I could find a sneaky way to get my son to eat it.
I actually found ADAIRSVILLE honey yesterday. This is turning into a blog post of its own! sorry!

Marcy said...

Carrie, last summer we bought some local honey and I am convinced it helped Scott with his allergies! We turned the AC back on yesterday because it was just too humid.

Midlife Mom said...

We are getting some leaves changing color too. Just doesn't seem possible that it's almost fall but seeings as it is my favorite season of the year I don't mind a bit. The wedding pictures are really nice. What fun on the beach! A toe tan line eh? That's cute! Your cats are just so adorable! They look like they love hanging out together. Are they from the same litter? Noodles and Munchie are brother and sister.
Enjoy that new faucet! Nice that your hubby can do the work himself and you don't have to hire a plumber.
Hope you are having a great Monday and that the rest of your week will be nice too!! xoxox