Friday, August 22, 2008


I guess with Fay coming through with all of it's wind (but apparently all the rain is going to miss us), we are having some what of a cool-spell. But, the weird thing is that there are some leaves already turning on trees and all this wind is knocking them down. I came down my street this afternoon and it looked like a fall day! Also, my friend Kim and I sat outside to eat lunch today and we had pinestraw falling in our food and in our hair! It was kind of funny. Here are some pictures I took of our street/yards today when I got home.

This is our driveway. We really didn't have a lot. But, you can see that we are directly across the street from a big patch of trees.
Here is our neighbors', Nan and John's, yard. They live to the left of the trees. Wow! Lots of leaves!
The house on the very right of this picture is our next-door neighbors. Can you see how many leaves are in their yards. There were more in the street, but that's not really pretty. So, I went for pretty pictures.
We currently have our windows open and plan to leave the a/c off until we have to turn it back on! Saving money - that's how we roll!

Mr. Fix-It

New faucet: $130

Installation time: 1.5 hours

Satisfaction in throwing away old faucet: Priceless!

This past Saturday, Scott and I went to Home Depot to purchase a new faucet. On Sunday, Scott installed it. The one in our kitchen was the original installed by the builder and it was apparently the cheapest one available. We noticed our next door neighbors' faucet was about to break off about a year ago, and shortly thereafter, ours started acting up. It worked fine, but the lever that you pull up on to cause the water to flow was kind of stuck. So, it was all the way on or all the way off. No trickles! Plus, it took more effort than we felt it should to turn it on. I felt like we might yank it out of the sink every time we turned it on! We got a nice new faucet and Scott installed it with very little help on my part. I just held stuff in place once or twice so he could screw it in snugly. We are very happy with the new faucet so far!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Our time in Destin was well-spent. We turned my sister's wedding weekend into a mini vacation.
Friday was our drive down, the wedding, and the reception. There really weren't as many on-lookers as we figured there would be, but there were a few. Some people have asked me about that. Also, the two young girls in the pictures in the red dresses are Emily and Kristyn, Paul's daughters. (They are my new nieces!)

Saturday was our family lunch, naps, time on the beach with family and our dinner cruise, which was a lot of fun. We had lunch at a place called Anglers, which was pretty good. This is the best picture we got on the cruise. It was kind of windy.

Here is a picture of the sunset we saw while on our dinner cruise. Scott got pictures of the whole sunset!

Sunday, we spent the entire day at the beach and then had dinner at a wing place called Buffalo Jack's Legendary Wings. I had wings and Scott had ribs, which I liked as well (no barbecue sauce).
Scott in the water on the float.

Marcy's toes covered in sand (which actually caused an interesting tan line because I had so much sand when I reapplied sunscreen I couldn't put any on my feet).

Marcy's self-portrait.
(Do you see that towel on my chair? I got that on clearance at our Wal-Mart the week before we left for $3! I got Scott a green one with yellow turtles just like that one. I was pretty excited. Think those towels are kind of retro!)

Marcy in the water on the float.

Here's why we were able to take these pictures: Scott and I both went out in the ocean together and I was laying on the float and he was pushing me around and then I started feeling kind of sea-sick (possibly I was hungry and that combined with rocking was bad). So, I went to lay down in the chair and read and he took the float and got bopped around. Then, after we had laid under the umbrella reading for a while and had had a snack, I went back out without him. So, that's how that all happened. While he was in the ocean, I took pics of him and me! ;o)

I am not a huge fan of getting sand all over me and I won't go into the ocean further than I can see my feet, which in most places is not very far. (Which kind of makes you ask why I love the beach so much, but I just do, okay!) But, Destin is not called the Emerald Coast for nothing! The ocean was crystal clear and it really was a clear bluish-green color. There was a sand bar in front of our beach area that was about ankle deep once you got past an area that I could just barely touch my toes and keep my whole head above water. (Even that deep in the water, I could still look down and see my toes.) Scott and I had bought a float and we spent a while riding the waves. There were a few little jelly fish and a teensy bit of sea weed, but we were able to avoid them.

Monday, we spent some time in the morning at the beach and we built Scott's first sand castle! Then, we shopped for the rest of the day. It was raining off and on all day. We also experienced frozen custard for the first time at a restaurant called Shake's (oh, it was so good, better than DQ!). We had dinner at a place right on the beach call Pampano Joe's. It was better than Anglers.
Side note> If you are going to the beach and you want to make a sand castle, you can borrow our stuff because we bought a bunch of it!

Tuesday we drove home. We stopped and got some fireworks on the way home, so it was fun picking all that stuff out!
We enjoyed watching the Olympics while on vacation and ever since. We have been so tired from trying to stay up and watch them. One girl at work said that she had an Olympics hangover, which I thought was a funny way to describe it!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wendy and Paul's Wedding

My sister, Wendy, and her husband, Paul, got married on the beach down in Destin, FL on August 8, 2008. It was a lot of fun! The ceremony was beautiful and all the pictures turned out great! Check out my pictures:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Catnip Craziness

These are out cats:

These are our cats on Kitty Crack aka Catnip (Bubbles, that is):

This is after the "buzz" wore off:

Just FYI, I needed to cover up the audio on this because Scott was on the phone with his parents while I video taped this and it's kind of boring to hear him talking to them about where we were meeting for dinner on Monday night. SO, I had to do "audio swap" on YouTube and choose from their selection of songs. I cannot understand the words at the beginning and we tried to google them and couldn't find them listed anywhere. But, if you understand them and think they are bad or inappropriate, PLEASE tell me.