Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas and New Years Eve

Hello blog readers! I know I have not been as good about blogging as I used to be, but maybe I will get better in a few months once work slows down. I'll tell you more about work in another post. The purpose of this post is to talk about our Christmas and New Years now that it is January 17!

Well, shortly before Christmas, my friend Kim from work had a gingerbread cookie decorating party and Scott and I went and had a good time. It was a lot of fun decorating cookies and hanging out.

On Christmas day, Scott and I went to his cousins' house (Molly and Glenn) who live in Monroe. This has become a Christmas day tradition in his family. We had the best steaks you can imagine and everyone brought sides and snacks and just hung out for a few hours. It was nice. I didn't take any pictures though. I put Scott in charge of that and well, you see what happened...

The Saturday after Christmas, we went to Scott's parents' house for our Christmas with his family. We exchanged gifts and then had a really good lunch. It's always nice to all get together at the same time. There are pictures in the slide show.

On New Years Eve, Scott and I had tickets to the Chick-fil-A bowl, since Georgia Tech was in it. They played LSU and lost in a really embarrassing way. I was disappointed and it takes a lot to get me disappointed about football or any sport for that matter. Oh well. I took some pictures there and they are in the slide show in this post. Notice that we did not take any pictures after the game had started. By the time half time rolled around, we were so far in the hole points-wise that there was no returning. I figured they would at least score a few more points to make us competitive, but no, sadly not. BB&T had provided everyone with a flyer about the bank. Bad idea. All the people on the Tech side started making paper airplanes with these flyers and seeing how far they can go. Remember, this is an engineering school, so some of them were going pretty far. We were on the far end of the field and there were planes from our section making it out to the 50 yard line. Some time during the 4th quarter they announced they would start arresting people for throwing anything from or in the stands. Most of them stopped. That was kind of the exciting part of the night. People were cheering when a plane would go especially far. Kind of sad. Oh well. We were driving home from the game when the clock hit 12. We did not do anything at all on New Years Day and that was quite nice.

On Jan 3, we had Christmas with my family. We had party-type foods and exchanged gifts. I have pictures in the slide show. We had a lot of fun visiting with each other.


Anonymous said...

Love the slide show Marcy! BTW, Camp Rock is a Disney movie/musical down the lines of High School Musical. It stars the Jonas Brothers. Now you know why SB likes it. Can't believe you have beat Scott 3 times at his Scene It game. He should be embarrassed. Thanks for posting the pictures. They were great.


andysbethy said...

I loved the poodle skirt cookie! Did I see a skeleton too? Very creative!
Sounds like you had a great holiday season, minus the disappointing football game. I remember working the Peach bowl several times - that is a LONG night!