Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lunch Time Ramblings

I have so many random thoughts all the time, I figure that is something to blog about. So, here goes:

This past Sunday, Scott was playing disc golf and he put a big hole in his shoe. Apparently when he makes is "approach" he scuffs the side of his left foot on the pavement and he wore a hole through his shoe, through his sock, and scuffed up his big toe by the time they were done playing. Needless to say, he threw those shoes away and went to buy some new ones on Monday. Then, he went to play disc golf on Tuesday and figured out how to not scuff his toe. You live and learn I guess. Our friends Mike and Erin from church were with us at the park. Mike played disc golf with Scott and Erin and I walked with the boys (well, two of them rode bikes, two of them were in a stroller and one was in one of those carrier thingies). We had never been to Lenora Park until they told us about it. We love going over there now. It is so close to the house. We are also really glad that we sometimes get to go with Mike and Erin and get to know them better.

We have some jalapenos that look like they might be big enough to pick. I need to google when you are supposed to pick them. I can't wait until we have bell peppers and tomatoes that are ripe. Mmmm...I can just taste a yummy BLT or some pasta salad (yeah, that pasta salad comment was for you, Shana).

Just as an update on my Weight Watchers program, I have lost 18 pounds as of last Friday. I weigh myself every Friday when I get home from work, before I eat dinner, of course. I still want to lose 12 more pounds. I have been doing the program since the beginning of March, so that's three months plus a week. I am basing what I need to weigh based on BMI. It seems like every website I find tells me the same healthy BMI and calculates it the same way. However, when I look up how much someone my height and age should weigh, I get varying answers. Some of them are way too low, in my opinion. Scott is eating the same things I do when we eat together and just basically eating whatever he wants when I am not around, but I think he is trying to be a little better than before. Plus, he plays a lot of disc golf. He has lost 16 pounds. I am really happy for him. But, it is kind of annoying that he has lost so much weight and he still goes to Burger King some times. But, I think that across the board it is easier for most guys to lose weight than it is for women. I wonder if guys agree with that. (I know there are only a handful of guys that read our blog, so let's hear it from you!)

Scott and I are trying to get ourselves on a regular schedule each week that includes exercise, studying for him and various administrative stuff including church finances for me, individual Bible reading/study time, and a family devotional. We have really helped ourselves out by sitting at the table to eat every night instead of sitting in front of the tv. Once the tv comes on, it is hard to turn it off. We have gotten way behind on So You Think You Can Dance and In Plain Sight, but that's okay with us. We really need to get our priorities in order. Thankfully, we have both been working a pretty normal schedule at work. We are blessed to have jobs. I am still enjoying my job for the most part. My boss and coworker (there's only 3 of us in our little group) and I get along really well, so that's great to me.

Alright, lunch is over. Have a good day.


jholland444 said...

It's true! I lose weight easier than Adriene does, at least after the initial 5-10 pounds, which is usually just water weight. I have a feeling biologically women hold weight more for protecting/feeding babies, but it sure doesn't help for the rest of your life when you're not doing that, though.

Shana Stringer said...

WOOOOHOOOO congrats on the weight loss. I was just thinking you guys need to update your photo because you look a lot thinner. I am with you on that guys loose weight a lot faster than girls. Josh just thinks about it and looses weight.

Thanks a lot for the pasta comment, now I want pasta. GREAT!!!

Andy Darnell said...

Good for you both! When are we doing dinner again?

Eric said...

Guys definitely lose weight (on average) faster than women, but me losing 18 pounds and you losing 18 pounds isn't an apples-to-apples comparison. The average man weighs considerably more than the average woman, so I think a more just comparison is to look at your weight loss as a percentage. I lost 30 pounds in about 5 months last year, but that was only about 12% of my original weight. Given how small you were to begin with, 18 pounds in 3 months is quite an accomplishment!