Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mathilda Live

The video above is one of Mathilda chasing the feather wand. It's one of the boys' old ones. It seems that all of our cats love anything with feathers. They also love bells. This one has both.

The next video is one I took to show how excited she gets when you are just in there with her. We are still keeping her separated from the boys since she's not old enough to be tested yet, and so she doesn't get to sit in the living room with us when we are home. So, she's just so excited to see us. She sits there and looks at you and starts shaking. It's so cute. I think that you may get a few shots of my crazy after-work get up. Sorry. All my "normal" sweats are currently in the dirty clothes.


Erin said...

lol! she is such a cute little bitty thing!

Wendyk625 said...

Awww.... such a cute kitty!