Thursday, August 2, 2007

Haylee Is Here!

My friend Jennifer at work finally had her baby! Little Haylee arrived last night at 9:08pm. She is a whopping 8lbs 15oz and 21 inches long! Her due date actually was Aug. 1, so she was very prompt. However, originally they had said that Jennifer was due on July 23, and judging from how big she was, I think she went a week late. To get some idea of how big poor Jennifer got, revisit this post from her shower on June 30. Some of us from the office went to see her today at Piedmont. Jennifer was so happy and perky and Haylee was so cute and pink and her little face was just so round. I didn't get any pictures, but Jennifer's husband Lamar showed up before we left and said that he was going to email some to me tonight, so I will add them when I get them. I know everyone loves baby pictures! I am very happy for Jennifer and Lamar and they are both so excited Haylee is here. I know that they will need our prayers as they begin their little family.
Here are the pictures of Jennifer, Lamar, and Haylee that I promised:

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