Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jennifer's Shower

Tonight we had a shower at Cheryl's house for Jennifer, my friend at work who sits next to me. She is due on August 1st, but we are all convinced she will be having that baby much sooner than that. Jennifer and Lamar are naming her Haylee Joan Ellis. It's such a pretty name. Jennifer and Lamar are so excited about Haylee's upcoming arrival! Jennifer seemed to get a lot of her bigger items, so that's great!

Leslie from our office came and brought her new baby Simon. Simon was born at the end of April. He was really cute and smiling for everyone. Leslie and her husband Robert have two beautiful children! Everyone seemed to have a good time. It's always fun when we go to Cheryl's house!

This picture is proof that Cheryl tried to hog Simon all night, but Teri made her pass him around. Thanks Teri. :)

Of course, Teri may have just wanted to hog him for herself. Just kidding. I think everyone held him that wanted to.

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Anonymous said...

What's your email address? Also, could you send me any pics you took of Hamilton at the wedding? Did you get any pictures of the groomsmen?