Sunday, August 26, 2007

What's Goin' On...

Well, Friday was my last day at Tarpley & Underwood. It was sad to go, but exciting to think that I am starting a new job tomorrow. It still hasn't become reality to me yet. I hope that I catch on quickly at my new job.

Yesterday Scott and I went to visit Meme, my grandmother, at the nursing home. She seems to be declining somewhat. She isn't still on oxygen all the time, but she doesn't seem to be all there mentally. Her speech was a little slurred and she looked like she'd lost some weight. I know her vision is steadily decreasing, which is sad. She has macular degeneration, so we knew it would, but that doesn't make it any easier. They are giving her occupational therapy to help her eat her meals. I did get some pictures with Meme yesterday.

Ironically, as we were driving out to Dallas to see Meme, my dad called me because he and Stephanie were looking to buy a new computer and had no idea what to buy. So, we went to their house after we visited with Meme and Scott helped Stephanie shop for a new computer while Daddy and I fixed dinner. It was a nice visit. They have this white cat named Olivia who is aggressively affectionate and will rub you so hard you'd think she's trying to knock you over. She is pretty funny. I got a cute picture of her.
Well, wish me luck for tomorrow. I am looking forward to doing accounting instead of auditing. I hope that this job is what I expect! I'll let you know soon!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Career Change Coming Up

Today I put in my two-week notice at work. I am starting at Pike Nurseries in two weeks as the Senior Accountant. I am looking forward to not having busy season and working closer to home! I am very sad at the thought of leaving Tarpley & Underwood. I have enjoyed working there for the past 6 years and I have built many friendships that feel more like family than friends or coworkers. But, I have come to the realization that I don't really like the work I do very much and I just don't think I can do another busy season. So, I am going to try my hand in the real world in corporate accounting. Please be praying for me in my transition.

As a more fun note...I will be getting a discount at all Pike stores, so my gardening will be cheaper now...I have to feed my addictions, you know!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Time Flies

It seemed like last week flew by! This weekend has flown by as well. Yesterday Scott and I started cleaning some stuff out. I cleaned off my desk and we cleaned out the guest bedroom closet. Yay us! We had a tragic event this week...our bird feeder broke! I was very upset to come home one day this week to see the bird feeder lying on the ground on its side. We just bought it in March, and I still had the we took it back to Home Depot and exchanged it for a smaller bird feeder and a bird bath. We have had a few "customers" already on the bird feeder, but none have taken the "plunge" in the bird bath. I'll post pictures of that later in the week...I don't have any yet...shocking, I know.

Anyway, a bunch of us went over to Shana and Josh's house on Saturday evening. It originally started as the girls wanting to get together for scrapbooking, then it grew in the girls getting together for scrapbooking and bringing our guys along to watch whatever game came on TV, then Scott decided to bring his Wii, so it turned into a "the guys will play Wii while the girls scrapbook", and then Josh decided to cook this really good pork shoulder with bacon, ham, and pineapple basted with some sort of marinade. It was really good. I had a lot of fun scrapbooking and the guys seemed to have fun playing Wii and they did end up watching sports too. Shana, Amy, and I got some quality scrapbooking done and Maggie, who doesn't really get into scrapbooking, worked on making a cute stocking for Christmas. Everyone seemed to have a good time and we all enjoyed spending time together. The pictures above are from our party.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend as well. Have a great week!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Our Weekend

Scott and I have been having a couple of nice weekends in a row where we haven't had any real plans on Friday or Saturday night! It has actually been quite nice. Friday night, we played games together and then watched one of the free OnDemand movies through our cable. Scott beat me several times at Battle Ship and then we played Jenga, which I never get tired of playing. Saturday, we did a bit of tidying up around the house and then I did some scrapbooking while Scott played Wii. I have a corn plant that has gotten quite tall, but through the many times it has been moved, all the leaves on the bottom had fallen off and it was very top heavy. Even staking it wasn't holding it up. I noticed that over the past year, it has grown some "baby corn plants" at the bottom. So, Scott and I whacked it off! Our office looks twice as big as it did before. Here are some pictures.

Then, I decided that I wanted to go back to Medieval Times at Discover Mills, so we bought tickets and went there on Saturday night. We had been once before with some of our neighbors and it was a lot of fun, but I wanted to go again just Scott and me. The food is really good. Here are some pictures we took. Theres one of Scott and I and one of the "king" that we took before the show. They don't like you to take pictures during the show because they have live horses and it could upset the horses and the horse and its rider could get injured.

Sunday was happy hour for the birds! A lot of times we have time to spend relaxing before we leave for church, so yesterday I opened up the blinds for the cats to watch the birds and I think that I got more entertainment out of it in the morning and in the afternoon than
the cats! Sunday morning, there were 5 finches on our bird feeder at one time. I think that some of them look like babies. Then, under the bird feeder was this chipmunk who was scavenging around picking up seeds the birds dropped. His little cheeks were getting so full! We checked outside our house for holes and didn't see any, so I guess he lives elsewhere. Scott had to work after church (they were having server problems at his office), so I was watching tv/watching the birds and I saw a humming bird getting nectar out of the flowers in my hanging basket! I didn't get a picture of it. We also have doves pretty often. I think they are mourning doves. They usually eat off the ground because they are so big, but lately, they have been sitting on the bird feeder to eat. I am afraid they are going to break it because they are so heavy!

I definitely think that this one is a baby. What do you think?

Here is one of our mourning doves. Today, I looked out and saw three of them in our yard picking up seeds out of the grass. The cats get so excited about these huge birds!

So, that was our nice, relaxing weekend. We stayed busy, but nothing was planned. Ah...

I am once again adding a disclaimer that when I save my blog, it does not look so jumbled. If anyone knows how to make it save my changes, please share. Blogging is not making me feel relaxed right now!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Haylee Is Here!

My friend Jennifer at work finally had her baby! Little Haylee arrived last night at 9:08pm. She is a whopping 8lbs 15oz and 21 inches long! Her due date actually was Aug. 1, so she was very prompt. However, originally they had said that Jennifer was due on July 23, and judging from how big she was, I think she went a week late. To get some idea of how big poor Jennifer got, revisit this post from her shower on June 30. Some of us from the office went to see her today at Piedmont. Jennifer was so happy and perky and Haylee was so cute and pink and her little face was just so round. I didn't get any pictures, but Jennifer's husband Lamar showed up before we left and said that he was going to email some to me tonight, so I will add them when I get them. I know everyone loves baby pictures! I am very happy for Jennifer and Lamar and they are both so excited Haylee is here. I know that they will need our prayers as they begin their little family.
Here are the pictures of Jennifer, Lamar, and Haylee that I promised: