Thursday, January 10, 2008

Randomness from Marcy

So, it has been a while since I have posted. Work has been crazy. I need to get into a routine and it is hard to do that when I work overtime so often. I am beginning to like my job better, I think, but I need to start sticking to my regular hours. That way, I can do more of the things I like, like spending time with Scott, blogging, scrapbooking, trying to learn to sew, and exercising (yeah, I really need to get motivated on that front). I am getting very close to finishing the scrapbook I started over the summer of mine and Scott's engagement. That was way back when we started having our little scrapbooking parties. I have acquired quite a bit more scrapbooking stuff since then. I have lots of things I want to scrapbook now.
Okay...on to the randomness...
I know you are just SO excited...

First, some certain people will be VERY happy to know that I have turned off the date stamp on our camera. So, now it won't be permanently imprinted on all my pictures. I liked this feature because I like to remember when things happened, but I realized that with a digital camera, as long as you have the date and time correctly set on your camera, it will save this information with the picture. So, that's that. It may seem unimportant to some, but to others, they will be glad.

Next, I finally added the Christmas pictures from our gathering with Scott's family for Christmas. That pictures pretty much tell the story. The picture up at the top is a picture of the painting that Scott's Grandma gave us. She painted this painting her self. She takes art classes somewhere close to their house. This will really be a treasure for us!

Also, I have added a feature to the left side of our blog that is entitled "Recipe Collection". As I post recipes, I will add them to this list. That way, if you think you might want to try one of my recipes, but don't have time to sort through all my previous posts, there they are! I have so many recipes to blog about. I have been taking lots of food pictures, but just haven't had time to post them. They will come in time and still be just as good.

Scott is not taking any classes this coming quarter at Gwinnett Tech, but he is going to study Cisco on his own. So, we'll see how that goes. Please be praying for him on that. Cisco is a big deal in the computer world, so I am lead to understand.

I failed to previously blog about some of the favorite gifts I gave and received at Christmas this past year. They are all made by my dear friend Amy, who is very talented. Amy made me a beautiful frame a couple of years ago for my birthday and I would post a picture of it here, but we put it in storage when we were told we shouldn't have too many pictures out by our real estate agent. But, for Christmas, she gave me a super cute frame of our cats, which I am on the lookout for a good picture to put in it and she made frames for Scott and I to give to Robert and Tracy (Scott's sister and brother-in-law) for Christmas. I will post pictures. They are really nice and cute. Amy puts tons of details in all the way to the little label on the back that she customizes for each frame. Here is a link to Amy's blog. She has a slide show of various things she has done. You should order something from her! She also does very ornate cards.

Amy did not paint these cats, but had her mother-in-law do that, but you can see how much thought she puts into things. She did a frame for each of the ladies in our Bible Study!

These are the frames I ordered from her. She is very good at giving ideas for what to make frames about too. I just love these frames!

Well, I think that is enough randomness for tonight. I hope you are all having a great 2008 so far! Take care!


Anonymous said...

We really like the frames too. I am looking for the perfect pictures to put in them. Thanks so much. We really love them!

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with the picture that Scott's Grandma did for you! What a great gift!