Friday, May 9, 2008

Container Gardens

I hope that you all aren't tired of hearing about our house and all the flowers. I just get so happy when I see my hanging baskets and container gardens. I wanted to show y'all some of the progress we are making.

First of all, I promised the other day that I would post pictures of our newly potted container gardens. So, here they are. They are already opening up! I'll show you a picture from earlier in the week and a picture from today of the ones out front. In case you are wondering, the front little pot has a geranium in it. The middle pot, which is bigger around and shorter than the rest has a geranium, two lavendars, and two of some sort of vine-y plant that I think is called limelight. The tallest pot has a clematis that I hope blooms soon climbing up that little metal daisy I found at Old Time Pottery and two more of the limelight. I hope they are exploding by the time Tasha comes back next week!

On our back porch, we had never purchased patio furniture because we thought our space was too small. But, Tasha said to get two chairs and a small table or just put a potted plant in between them. So, look at what we did. (I have swept the porch off since I took this picture when I got home today.)

The little pot on the stand between the chairs has a pink Gerbera Daisy and a vine-y plant that I am pretty sure is call Vinca Major. I got the pot for $3.99 and the stand for $12.99 at Garden Ridge, if you want one. Also, those cute chairs were $15 each at Garden Ridge and they had all colors, including some with white legs and stuff, but I didn't think they looked as nice. I put two little candle holders out there with some Yankee Candle Company Citronella Candles that I bought a couple of years ago when I thought we'd have patio furniture sooner than this.

This is a closer view of the container garden beside the chair. It has a Gerbera Daisy, a pink Geranium, and two Lavendars. You can see that the Geranium is starting to open up! Yay!

This is the first thing people see when they walk out our back door.
Here's a closer look at these two container gardens: the small one has a pink Gerbera Daisy and the big one has a pink Geranium, a Gerbera Daisy, and two Lavendars. These Geraniums are opening too. You can see that in the picture with the grill, they hadn't started opening up yet and now they are starting to open. Also, we really need to clean up the grill. Does anyone know what we should do?

My hanging baskets are really doing well. I put a picture of them up the other day. Well, they are already getting fuller. I took a picture of the fronts and the backs of them. I know it is kind of darker from the back because the house was kind of overshadowing. But, I want your you think that the backs of the baskets look better and I should turn them around? We hung a bird feeder on the back so that the boys can sit in the guest bedroom and watch birds there too. We just love our cats.

Okay. I think that this is enough for this post. I have some "inside" pictures too, but I'll wait until we get more done today and then post the "stages" of our staging. (Yeah, I started this last night kind of late so I had to save it and finish it today.)


Anonymous said...

We use a cleaner on our grill called Greased Lightening. I think Robert gets it Home Depot or Lowe's. You might even be able to buy it at the grocery store too. I'm not sure.

Sean said...

I like the hanging baskets!

Sean said...

Oh, btw, there is no need to turn them around.

Jennifer said...

Wow! Looks like a lot of work...hope it pays off with a sold house! :-)

They are so pretty! Nice choices.

Jen :-)

The Shadburn Family said...

yeah, they look so good they almost look. Oh, wait, that's my yard! YOU'RE the one with the green thumb!