Sunday, May 25, 2008


Scott and I both really like movies. There are always so many out that we want to go see. A lot of times, we miss them. But, we have gotten to see quite a few that we have wanted to see lately.
A few weeks ago, Callie, Caitlin, Lauren, and I went to see Made of Honor together since the three of us are bridesmaids in Callie's wedding. Afterwards, Lauren, Caitlin, and I picked out shoes for the wedding (so fun). I enjoyed the movie, but there was some language and certain scenes that we weren't big fans of. I wouldn't say that it is an R movie, but I would say that it is worse than PG13. It was kind of a reverse version of My Best Friend's Wedding, but with a better ending.

Scott and I went to see the movie Expelled recently. This is the Ben Stein movie about how scientists are refusing to admit that there is any kind of intelligent design involved in the creation of the earth and all the things and people on it. I found it very interesting.

Friday night, we met at Discover Mills after work and had dinner (during a terrible thunder storm), then we went to see the new Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I really did enjoy this movie. I thought that it was not as realistic as the previous movies. Not that I thought that any of the stuff in his previous movies could happen, but this one was a bit more cheesy and over the top. But, I think it definitely leaves room for more sequels. Shia LeBeouf is also a big star in this movie and I really thought he did a great job as well.
The other movie we really want to see is the new Chronicles of Narnia movie, Prince Caspian. I have heard it is really good. So, hopefully we'll get out to see it soon. Tomorrow, we are taking advantage of our day off by going to the GA Renaissance Festival. We will not forget the reason we get the day off: to remember and appreciate all the veterans and the current men and women in our military. We should all say a prayer for them and show our appreciation however we can.


mom0ktdid said...

I am so excited to read your reviews of these movies! I wanted to see Made of Honor, but glad for the warnings. I have to see Indiana Jones (good or bad), it is just a movie you have to see just because it is out!
Excited for Chronicles of Narnia too!

Midlife Mom said...

I too am glad for the warning about Made Of Honor. I thought it was supposed to be PG but guess not. Sad that they have to put the extra sleaze in. Also want to see Indiana Jones, I remember the first one that came out. My 32 year old son was just a little boy!

Sorry you aren't getting any bites YET on your house. You sure have done lots of work on it to get it in tiptop shape. Hopefully soon the right couple will come along and just fall in love with it!!

Sarah said...

Just wanted to let you know that Prince Caspian is terrific! Hopefully you'll love it!

The Sheley said...

I got to see Prince Capsian here a few weeks ago! I really loved it, and it made me want to live in Narnia, for real. Try to see it when you can!