Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tutorial on Deadheading a Gardenia Bush

As many of you know, when the flowers on most plants die, you are supposed to pinch off the dead blooms so that it will either continue to flower or begin storing up energy for the next blooming season, depending on the type of plant or the time of year it is. You may also know, I want to do things as quickly as possible because I can be impatient sometimes. So, I have discovered an interesting way to deadhead my gardenias. The dead blooms aren't really attached very well and the live ones, well, they are. Watch and learn from the master. (hahaha)

Please note that the video's sound stops halfway through. This seems to be a blogger issue because it works fine on my computer. So, don't think there's something wrong with your sound!


mom0ktdid said...

That is hilarious!!!!! Martha Stewart has nothing on you!
I have whatever the opposite color of green is thumb! The only plants I can keep are fake ones. Your plants are beautiful!

Midlife Mom said...

Yes, that is hilarious!! Never saw anyone deadhead that way but if it works then go for it!! What a hoot!

Karen said...

I was just out deadheading my gardenias and getting frustrated because I really don't know what I'm doing. Have you done it this way before, and it worked? Thanks--

Marcy said...

Yes...I usually wait until after they're all dead and just shake them off, but this is how I always do it. My friend Lindsey's husband (who I also consider my friend, but you know what I mean) is a landscaper and he says he doesn't even bother deadheading the gardenias, he just lets them fall off. So, shaking them is fine! Have fun and take out your frustrations!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video on dead heading gardenia bushes! So simple.

P.S. Your cats are adorable, and your husband isn't too bad either.