Saturday, September 6, 2008

Date Night

Last Saturday night, Scott and I had a really fun date night. Indiana Jones and the City of the Crystal Skull was playing at the Fox. Just before the movie, they had a wine-tasting. Scott and I neither one really like wine, but we thought that they would have all these different types and we'd find something we liked. Um, no. They had about 3 kinds and they were all gross. Oh big loss.

Every summer the Fox does a Coca-Cola Summer Film Festival, some movies are old and some new(er) at the Fox downtown. We have been to one each summer for the past 3 years. I love it. The first one we saw two years ago was actually Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is just so much fun! Before the movie starts, the huge organ at the Fox, the Might Mo, rises up out of the orchestra pit and the organ player plays a couple of songs while a video about the history of the Fox shows. Then, they put words up on the screen and you sing along to several songs. Most of them are songs that they would have sung back with the Fox first opened. We sang "Georgia", "Take Me Out To The Ballgame", "I've Been Working On The Railroad", and "Dinah Won't Blow Your Horn". Then, unlike at the regular theater, during the movie, people clap and cheer during the exciting parts. This was especially true when we saw Raiders of the Lost Ark. Some people at that movie even wore Indiana Jones-type clothing!

Scott and I had already seen the movie, but we really liked it and it's only partly about the movie. We love the Fox and the Might Mo and just having an excuse to go downtown. We also ate an early dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Mmmmm....

Overall, we had a great time!


mom0ktdid said...

That sounds so fun! How do you find the schedule for this, and how does the price of a ticket compare to regular movie tickets? I definitely want to do this! I have never been to the Fox, but I get to go for the first time later this month. A group from our church is going to see Les Miserables. Never seen that either...I am very much looking forward to it!

Marcy said...

If you click on the link to the Coca-Cola Summer Film Festival that I have in my post, you can sign up for an email reminder about the ones next summer. I believe that the one we went to was the last one for this summer. They offer adult movies and kids' movies! It is so fun!

Midlife Mom said...

Thank you Marcy for your kind comments about our loss of Buddy. I think today I have finally turned the corner and am beginning to heal. We will always have a special place in our hearts for that big ole' white appaloosa with the kind disposition. We are blessed to have had him in our lives!

What fun going to the old movies! I LOVED Raiders when it first came out! We saw it at the drive in and our son was just a little tyke. He went in his pj's and fell asleep after just a few minutes. I checked the Spaghetti Factory and we don't have one near here. :o( I think the nearest was New York. It looks really good!

Take care and again thanks for your caring comments!! xoxo

andysbethy said...

That sounds like it was so much fun. I am really really wanting a date night. Andy has absolutely zero free time right now, between kids, work, and school, but as soon as he graduates (possibly as soon as Dec?!) I am going to start insisting on date nights on a regular basis! We actually did see The Crystal Skull, back on opening night, literally - at midnight on opening night. Andy was disappointed. What did you think of it? It can't compare with the old ones, but I thought it was pretty good.
By the way... the crickets were for our frog. He only eats live food.

The Shadburn Family said...

That does sound like fun! It's nice to just go somewhere different, too.