Thursday, September 11, 2008


I don't know how many people from church read our blog, but I just have to try to get a couple of recipes. (For those of you who don't attend CCMA, we have a fellowship lunch the first Sunday of each month.)

Okay, this past Sunday, I had this chicken casserole that was excellent. It seemed like it had shredded chicken, cream of chicken soup, and stove top stuffing on top. But, that can't be all, right? If you made this or if you know who did, can you let me know? I need that recipe.

Next, there are these layered bars that someone brings a lot. They have some sort of granola-like layers with oatmeal, either caramel or sweetened condensed milk as one layer (possibly both), and chocolate chips in the middle. Oh man...are they good!

So, if you know the creator of these two dishes, please comment and let me know or, if you ARE the creator, please bring me the recipe!


Anonymous said...

These sound really good. Making me hungry just reading about them. If you get the recipes forward them to me.


Jennifer said...


Those yummy dessert bars were all Elsie Frick's fault!!!! I say that because they are one of my favorites! On Sunday, she said that she uses 2 sticks of butter to make them!!! :-) Yikes! I'm sure she would pass the recipe on to you.


Kelly said...


The chicken casserole you mentioned is from the NFBC cookbook page 94. Let me know if you want me to make a copy of the page. It was super easy!

Midlife Mom said...

When you get those recipes will you pass them along to me? They sound so good, two things I really love are good bars and a nice yummy casserole!

Yes it was hilarious when D saw all those hineys. I almost died at the moment but he doesn't seem any whose the wear so I guess it didn't scar him for life! lol!

I love your new header!!!

Marcy said...

Thanks for all the comments and answers! Kelly, I have the NFBC cookbook, so I will be making that casserole soon. Thanks! I am making myself a note now to ask Elsie Frick about those bars. it sounds like she has something in common with Paula Deen, using 2 sticks of butter! Super Yum-O!

Also, I will post the recipes to my blog soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcy,
I just posted Elsie's recipe on our blog.
Your right about her cooking being like Paula Deen's. Only she doesn't eat it, she just tempts us with it.
Thanks for posting the chicken
recipe, I loved that too!