Friday, October 3, 2008

Pigskin Pickem

Speaking of polls...

Our friends Josh and Shana have organized a league of Pigskin Pickem through ESPN for us and a bunch of our friends. It is one of those where you just pick who is going to win each NFL game each week. The first week, Scott went through and called out the games and I just randomly picked the winners...based on if I knew anything about the team, which team colors I liked best, or which mascot I like better, get the picture. Well, I have been 1st, 2nd, or tied for 1st for all 4 weeks so far! Scott is dead last. Actually, overall, the girls in the league are doing better than the guys. I find it quite funny as none of us really knows or cares that much about football. It is even funnier that I probably spend the least amount of time making my picks. All I can say is that there must have been a lot of upsets because Scott knows a LOT about football. He knows a lot about all sports, but especially football.

Did you know that in college he was an intramural flag football official? And, after college, for about 3 years, he was a high school football official.

What's my team name? It started out being "Marcy's Picks". What is it now? "Lady Luck." That's all there is to it!

I figure I should post this now while I am still ahead. Chris predicts that all the girls' luck will turn. He might be right. Andy said that they roped us in by purposefully doing bad the first few weeks so we get into it, then they're going to pound us. Whatever. :o)

Anyway, I love it irony of the whole thing!

I am sure that many of you are asking yourselves: "I wonder if she is actually watching these games to see who the winner is?"

My answer to you: "No!" I mean, it isn't worth all that! They will win or lose whether I watch it or not! And, Scott will inform me anyway.

Please realize that all of the above are merely statements. I am not "bragging" because I have used no skill in reaching the success I have, so I can't really take credit for it. My boss told me that there's a girl at work that won the basketball bracket thingy at work 2 out of three years and that last year, after she won, she said "We were talking about baseball for that thing, right?" Why do I find this so funny? I don't know! But, it does make me laugh every time I think about it...


Erin said...

lol! how funny! at least you have a clue about who is playing each week... i rarely even know that!

Anonymous said...

Good job, Marcy! After all, you are the queen of football :) I'll never stop telling the story about the time you asked me, "so what exaclty is a "down"??!?" and that was what, 3 years ago? Love ya,

Marcy said...

Hee hee. It took me a long time to understand a down. I mean, it's the beginning of the play, but it's a down!?? Who made this stuff up? Anyway, I understand a lot more now that I live with an expert!

Erin said...

(totally random comment, here) I tagged you for a "One Word Answer" meme - feel free to play along if you'd like... check my blog for the questions :-)