Thursday, November 20, 2008

7 Random Things About Me

Ashley tagged me several days ago to do a post with 7 Random Things about me. I have 10 minutes in which to do this because we are planning to go outside and watch for the space station in a minute.

1. One of my pet peeves is when people turn or change lanes without using their turn signals.
2. I am a procrastinator - but this is a recent development. I haven't always been! Strange...
3. I am terrible with directions. I could get lost anywhere.
4. I love to chew gum. I almost always have a pack or Original Flavor Trident and a pack of Bubble Gum Flavor Trident in my purse and one of each in my desk drawer at work.
5. I love the TV show Bones. It's so good!
6. I love scrapbooking. I can't wait to scrapbook my Disney trip. Then, maybe I'll finally scrapbook out cruise from last year (see why I put so much details in my blogs - I don't want to forget this stuff!
7. My current weight loss goal is 25 lbs. I can't believe how much weight I have gained in the past year - 10 lbs! Craziness! I'm not sure what happened...besides changing jobs twice and going through bankruptcy at one company...hmmm...

There you go. This may be the shortest post ever. More on Disney to come. I have to blog all about it so I don't forget!

Speaking of forgetting, I forgot to tag someone else. I think I am supposed to tag 7 people, but I have tagged lots of people before. But, I'll try:

Midlife Mom

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