Friday, November 21, 2008

Tuesday - Epcot

Our second day at Disney was our day at Epcot. We wanted to do the ride Soarin' first because we thought it would be really fun. I mean, it was okay but I kept expecting something kind of scary to happen and it never did. But, it was a nice ride. We then went over to Test Track and the beginning was kind of interesting but not exciting, but the second half was great! I enjoyed it! Our favorite ride in Epcot is Mission Space. It simulates a take off in a space shuttle and a trip to Mars. It was a lot of fun...but if you have motion sickness, it is not the ride for you! We also rode a ride called Spaceship Earth that is inside the Epcot ball and it basically is a history of communications between people throughout our existence. Besides that, we visited various countries in the World Showcase, had lunch at the Coral Reef Restaurant which has a huge aquarium as one wall, rose the Finding Nemo ride, and had dinner at the quick service Mexican Restaurant. We sat for a while waiting to see the Illuminations laser and fireworks show that night which was awesome! I really enjoyed walking around and seeing all the countries. We didn't make it to all the countries, but we went back another day to finish seeing them.
This picture is of a car right outside of the Test Track ride. I guess it's the car of the future or something.
These pictures are ones we took inside of "Mexico". They had these crazy big sombreros on sale and we had to try them on!

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mom0ktdid said...

Ha ha! I actually love Soarin' BECAUSE nothing scary ever happens! I love that ride!
Will never do Mission Space (sounds like a very close quarters set up) and maybe will try Test Track. ha ha, I am not very adventurous.