Monday, August 3, 2009

New Hair Cut and Laptop

Here's my new hair cut. (It is a little bouncier earlier in the morning. This is after being up for 12 hours on a hot, muggy day).

Here's a picture of my new laptop.


Carrie said...

Cute and fun!

Josh Stringer said...

ooooo you have a numeric pad in yours that is awesome. mine is in a mouse that you girls got me, which is awesome but that is even better

Josh Stringer said...

obviously this is posted by me

Anonymous said...

Like the hair cut Marcy!!!


Marcy said...

Shana, I figured it was you at "ooooo"! haha! I love the 10-key! You know that's a must for me!

Thanks everyone! I'm glad you like my new hair cut. I'm enjoying it.

mandy said...

I agree with everyone else...cute cut!