Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blogging Award

I have received my first real blogging award from Carrie at Thoughts, Ponderings, and Musings. Thanks so much Carrie! I feel really special! I am going to proudly display my award on my side bar and pass this award on to some of my favorite bloggers:

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Christmas and New Years Eve

Hello blog readers! I know I have not been as good about blogging as I used to be, but maybe I will get better in a few months once work slows down. I'll tell you more about work in another post. The purpose of this post is to talk about our Christmas and New Years now that it is January 17!

Well, shortly before Christmas, my friend Kim from work had a gingerbread cookie decorating party and Scott and I went and had a good time. It was a lot of fun decorating cookies and hanging out.

On Christmas day, Scott and I went to his cousins' house (Molly and Glenn) who live in Monroe. This has become a Christmas day tradition in his family. We had the best steaks you can imagine and everyone brought sides and snacks and just hung out for a few hours. It was nice. I didn't take any pictures though. I put Scott in charge of that and well, you see what happened...

The Saturday after Christmas, we went to Scott's parents' house for our Christmas with his family. We exchanged gifts and then had a really good lunch. It's always nice to all get together at the same time. There are pictures in the slide show.

On New Years Eve, Scott and I had tickets to the Chick-fil-A bowl, since Georgia Tech was in it. They played LSU and lost in a really embarrassing way. I was disappointed and it takes a lot to get me disappointed about football or any sport for that matter. Oh well. I took some pictures there and they are in the slide show in this post. Notice that we did not take any pictures after the game had started. By the time half time rolled around, we were so far in the hole points-wise that there was no returning. I figured they would at least score a few more points to make us competitive, but no, sadly not. BB&T had provided everyone with a flyer about the bank. Bad idea. All the people on the Tech side started making paper airplanes with these flyers and seeing how far they can go. Remember, this is an engineering school, so some of them were going pretty far. We were on the far end of the field and there were planes from our section making it out to the 50 yard line. Some time during the 4th quarter they announced they would start arresting people for throwing anything from or in the stands. Most of them stopped. That was kind of the exciting part of the night. People were cheering when a plane would go especially far. Kind of sad. Oh well. We were driving home from the game when the clock hit 12. We did not do anything at all on New Years Day and that was quite nice.

On Jan 3, we had Christmas with my family. We had party-type foods and exchanged gifts. I have pictures in the slide show. We had a lot of fun visiting with each other.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Follow up

I feel that I should follow up on my last post and some of the comments that were left. I am still listening to country music, but I think that one of the reasons for my current state of flipping is that they haven't had a lot of new stuff come out lately and I am kind of tired of listening to the same songs over and over again.

Now, my sister mentioned that she loves that song Just Dance by Lady Gaga. I know the song she is talking about and it is kind of catchy. However, Lindsey and I saw her perform it in person when she opened for New Kids on the Block back in October and let me tell you, it could have ruined the whole song for me. That was the only song she sang that was really entertaining, honestly, but that is not the reason for our dislike of her. I can't think of any other way to say this but, she is a freak. I know that's not very nice, but let me explain. First of all, Natasha Bedingfield was the first opening act, and we really enjoyed her. I did not realize I knew and liked so many of her songs. When she finished, she informed us the the New Kids would be out in a few minutes. So, that kind of tainted our reaction anyway. When Lady Gaga came out, we were all standing up and screaming thinking it would be the New Kids. So, she comes out in this white shiny outfit that makes me think of a wedding dress right out of the Jetsons. It is a corset-type top and a short shiny tutu-like skirt. She had on extremely tall high-heeled white boots. She was flanked by several male dancers wearing very Jetson-esque outfits. She danced kind of weird during her first song. At one point in time, she began crawling around on the stage and we had a great view of her underwear. Seriously, she was getting weird and half of the crowd had already sat down. I think my mouth was hanging open by this point. The next thing I know, her dancers yanked her skirt off and she was dancing around in that horrible corset and her underwear. It was weird. I mean, who opens for a group who will have a mostly 30-something female audience and dresses like that? Anyway, freaky in every way. By the time she was done, the only people still standing and cheering were obviously drunk. If it hadn't been for them, I am sure if she had stopped singing, you could have heard crickets chirping. So, anyway, that is the explanation about the comments on Lady Gaga. I like that Just Dance song, but it does bring back those memories of her strange performance. Obviously the song and Wendy's comment bring the same type of memories back for Lindsey as well. Our memories will forever be burned with the disgusting images of her prancing around on stage mostly undressed with the weirdly-dressed dancers.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What Rock Have I Been Under

Does anyone else out there listen to country radio that reads my blog? Did you realize that Cledus T. Judd is no longer working for 94.9 The Bull? I was totally bummed when I realized this on the way to work this morning. I go through phases in my radio-listening patterns. Sometimes, I'll go for weeks listening to my Bible on MP3 on the way to work. Sometimes, I'll put it on 101.5 (Kicks) or 94.9 and listen to whatever comes on, usually only switching if they start talking about something that gets on my nerves or if a commercial comes on that I can't stand to listen to. If I can't find something on either of those stations, I check out the Christian radio stations and the Fish to see if I can get good signal and if they are playing a song I like. Well, then I go through phases where I don't listen to the DJs at all or the commercials, I just flip like crazy until I find a song I like and sometimes even if I find one I like, I will keep flipping to make sure there isn't one on that I like better until I get back around to it. I have 3 FM channels with 6 presets each, so I have a lot to choose from! I was especially into doing this when I had my Grand Am and I had the radio controls on my steering wheel (but I only had a total of 12 presets then). Well, recently I have been flipping. I have been listening to the country radio stations a lot less, and pop and hip hop a lot more. I listen to 94.1, 99.7, 95.5, 98.5, and I always flip by the oldies stations to see if they are playing a song I recognize. All of those DJs get on my nerves except Steve & Vickie and they teeter on it. I try not to listen to anything vulgar, but when I am listening to 95.5 The Beat, it's usually hard to tell what the people are saying, but I like the beat. SO, I have been in a flipping phase - that is my excuse for not realizing that my favorite radio DJ had been fired a week before Thanksgiving. I read an article about it online today when I got to work just to make sure he wasn't out sick and they just failed to mention him. Apparently lots of radio stations aren't even giving their DJs a full year to pull up ratings even though it sometimes takes years to build a following.

Whatever. I was just shocked and wanted to share with you the fact that I now feel like I have climbed out from under my country radio DJ awareness rock.

More blogging to come soon, I hope.