Monday, January 3, 2011


Scott and I love to watch movies. There was a bit of a dry spell where there either weren't any that we wanted to see, or we were too busy while the ones we wanted to see were in the theater. So, until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 came out in November, I think the last movie we'd been to see was Eclipse. However, we saw HP7 twice (once on the regular screen then once in IMAX with some friends). Then, we've been to see Tangled and the new Narnia movie in the past couple of weeks.

We really like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part1. Obviously, with a book that long, they had to condense a lot of scenes, but I still felt like they stayed pretty true to the book on this one. In previous movies, mainly in the Goblet of Fire, they strayed so far from the book that I felt they actually changed the character of the characters, if you know what I mean. They ended Part 1 in a place that ensures that Part 2 will be nothing but non-stop action and have us on the edge of our seats the whole time! I am really excited to see that one but at the same time I'll be sad for the series to be over.

Tangled was a really cute movie. I really want to get ahold of the Little Golden Book version of Rapunzel because I want to see if the story was anything like the real Rapunzel. I can't remember anything about it, except the hair and the tower. Of course everything ended with a "happy ever after."

The newest Narnia movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, was very entertaining as well. I have never read any of the books, so I can't compare them. I will probably read them one day, but I might wait until the movies are all out so I won't watch the movies comparing them to the books.

I am an AMC Moviewatcher member, so the last time we went, we got a free ticket that we have to use before the end of January. So, we'll be going to see something else very soon.

We've also been renting movies from Netflix. We watched a movie that Emma Watson, from Harry Potter, did a few years ago on instant watch. It was called Ballet Shoes. Yeah, not that great of a movie. It was kind of pointless, but I didn't think the acting was bad. We borrowed the Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp from my dad and I actually really enjoyed it. I thought it would just be ridiculous, so I wasn't expecting much, so I guess that's why I liked it. I had heard several people say they weren't impressed. Before we watched that version, we watched another real-people version of Alice in Wonderland and the animated Disney version. We watched The Kingdom last night and that was a very action-packed movie. The main character was Jamie Foxx. I don't think I had watched him in anything since the TV show In Living Color so I was surprised that he was so good at playing a serious character! The show was based on terrorism in Saudi Arabia. A military compound is attacked and the FBI comes in to help them figure out what happened and who is to blame. Oh man, this movie was so stressful. Next on our queue is The Life and Faith of C.S. Lewis. We did an instant watch of a documentary called America's Godly Builders: Wallbuilders. It talked about how America's founding fathers intended for Christianity to be a part of the American life. I must admit that I made the mistake of laying down during this one b/c I couldn't get comfortable and fell asleep a couple of times. But, I got the gist. Scott really liked it and we'll probably watch more stuff like that on instant watch. We also watched Sweet Home Alabama because Scott had never seen it and I wanted to see it again. We both agree that that one should go on our wishlist because it's a keeper. Since we really don't want to spend all our time at home watching movies, we have the cheapest version of Netflix - we get two rentals per month, one at a time, and 2 hours of instant watch per month. Sometimes, we end up keeping a movie for over a month because we aren't able to watch it, so we don't need to spend more.

Well, I hope you are tempted to watch some of these movies that we've seen lately if you haven't already. Hopefully I'll download some holiday gathering pictures and do a post on that soon.

Take care!


Erin said...

Fun! We love Watch Instantly on Metflix, too. We always try to go out for "one last time" before a baby comes, so we're going to go see the new True Grit movie sometime soon. We rented the old one but I fell asleep during it so I still have no idea what happens!

Have you ever seen "Ray" with Jamie Foxx? (about the life of Ray Charles) It is excellent, and he really does do an great job at serious characters - who would have guessed?!

Erin said...

(that should obviously say Netflix, not Metflix, lol!)

Midlife Mom said...

I want to take my grand kids to Tangled. I remember when the Golden Book first came out with that story. Will be interesting to see if they followed the original.

Great reviews, keep 'em coming!

Midlife Mom said...

Have you seen the movie Old Dogs with Robin Williams and John Travolta? It is soooooo good and really funny!!!

Yes, it was fun seeing all the kitties in Florida last week. I would have brought home some more but the Hubs was keeping an eye on me! ha!

We had fun with the 60's theme night. I'm glad we got to bring home the costumes plus a tie dye kit to make some more so I will do that with the grand kids. :o)