Sunday, June 17, 2007

Baby Shower

This weekend Scott and I went to a shower for one of his fraternity brother's and his wife, Jeff and Adriene. They are having twins, bless their hearts. It was a fun shower. The air conditioning didn't work, so Adriene had a fan blowing directly on her during the gift-opening. That is why her hair looks like she has a fan blowing it! Anyway, it was good to see the friends that we do not get to see very often. I know that lots of prayers are needed as Adriene and Jeff continue to prepare for the baby girls to come. They are due at the end of September, but she will not go past mid-Sept, per doctors orders.


Jeff H said...

Thanks so much for coming and for your gift! We appreciate it! I've posted our pictures from the shower as well... enjoy!

Marcy and Scott said...

We enjoyed the shower. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Hopefully you will have plenty more and be very prepared parents!