Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Braves vs. Red Sox

Last night Scott and I had tickets for the Braves game against the Red Sox. Scott is a big Red Sox fan. He alway says he is torn on for whom he should be cheering when he watches them play each other, but he always ends up cheering on the Braves. It was a lot of fun! The Braves won 9-4 and they hit 2 homeruns. I wanted to get a good picture of Scott and I and a picture of the Coke bottle shooting fireworks during the homerun, but our camera battery died and the backup was not properly charged for some reason. So sad. But, I did get some good pictures. It was a good game. We had great seats! They were directly behind home plate way up in the stands. Our view was great and when it started raining, we didn't even realize it until we saw people start piling out of their seats! Sometimes it pays to be cheap!

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