Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cannas in Bloom

I noticed today when I got home that my canna lily had bloomed. This is one of the plants I got from Teri last September when we got the hostas in our front gardens. I think I planted about 5 of them, and only two have come up and this one is the only one that bloomed. But, I am okay with that. Can you believe how tall this thing is? It is about 3.5 feet tall (I stood next to it and I am less than a foot and a half taller than it and I am 5'1.5"). Maybe the others will come up next year. I have never had good luck with planting bulbs. Usually if I plant a bulb that is already in bloom, it lives and will come back the next year, but starting from bulbs doesn't work for me very well. Anyway, I thought I would share!

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Jennifer said...

Wow! That is so pretty! It is almost as tall as Hadassah and Deborah!!! :-) We planted some new bulbs this year, and some came up and some didn't. We kept finding one of our Elephant Ear bulbs uncovered...I think a rabbit did it. But, the other one came up and has 3 huge "ears" on it! I guess that's why it's good to plant lots! :-)