Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shana's Birthday Celebration!

Last night Maggie, Lauren, and I took Shana out for her birthday. We went to this Mexican restaurant called Vallarta. It was really good. Then, we went back over to Maggie's house and just chatted and took a tour of Maggie's house. I really like her house and she has lots of yard! It was fun to hang out with them. I hope that we made Shana feel special.


Shana Stringer said...

Now worries, you did :)

Josh, Amy & Quinn said...

Ah, man I missed out again =-( You so should have called me...I have been trying to get Josh to go to Mexican for a week (and last night's Taco Bell does not count) Oh, well maybe next time! I get the free Kraft magazine too! There are some really great things in there and it is so awesome that it is free!!! See you Sunday!