Monday, July 9, 2007

We had a busy weekend. I really didn't want to go back to work this morning. But, I did it anyway.

Friday night we had a small group party at Andy's house, which was a lot of fun. We all made our own pizzas and talked and the guys played Wii while the ladies congregated in the kitchen and checked out all the gadgets that Judy had stocked Andy's kitchen with. :)

Saturday we went to see Meme. She has gotten over her pneumonia and her stomach seems to be doing much better, but apparently the pneumonia has left some lasting marks because they have her on oxygen all the time now. So, this limits her mobility. My great great aunt Annie Lou is also in the same nursing home now, so I visited with her as well. Annie Lou has dementia, which is what my great grandmother had, but not as bad as my great grandmother. I think Meme has it too, somewhat, but not like Annie Lou. But, Annie Lou can still answer questions and stuff like that. After we visited with Meme and Annie Lou, we stopped by my dad's house for a few minutes to visit. No pictures there.

After that, we met my friend Lisa and her husband Lee for dinner in Hiram. Lisa and I have been good friends since the 6th grade. We used to show up at school wearing the exact same outfit. We unknowingly purchased the exact same wedding dress. We both started dating the men that we ended up marrying within a few months of each other. Lisa and I are close friends. We do not see or talk to each other as much as I would like, but I know that she will always be there for me and I will definitely always be there for her. We enjoyed catching up with Lisa and Lee. Lisa is about to start her doctorate and Lee is going to school while working at Home Depot. Lee is going to be a History teacher. Lisa is a high school math teacher.

Scott has decided that he wants a Wii. Actually, he has wanted one for a LONG time and I have been pretty hesitant (well, I've refused) to have one in the house. I thought the idea would wear off, but it hasn't. So, we bought him a Wii. Everywhere we went this weekend, we looked for them and no one had them. Scott went to about 5 places at lunch today and I called a couple of places this morning close to my office. The last place Scott went at lunch had them. So, Scott's in the living room playing Wii (sounds like Wii Baseball) and I am in the office blogging. We are such a high tech family, let me tell you. This is a very early birthday present for Scott. His birthday is Nov. 25, but that's so close to we usually buy his birthday gift in the middle of the year. At least he is using his gift. I got a sewing machine and sewing table two years ago for my birthday and I have only sewed one thing on it...I need to get to work! (Now it looks like he's switched to Wii golf...) Yes, that second picture is of Scott playing his Wii while talking on the phone. Such a multi-tasker!

Oh! I wanted to do an update on my garden. Nothing I planted up the side of the house is doing all that great. It looks like maybe the lantana around the air conditioner aren't getting enough sun and the hostas up and down both sides of the house are getting too much sun. So sad. I didn't realize how sunny it got over there. But, everything up front is doing great, especially my calla lilies! I went out this evening and made a bouquet out of them and a few other flowers that I have growing. My canna lily is about to bloom too. We also have tomatoes ripening in the back yard. They are small, but pretty tasty!

Just a disclaimer on this post: I can't get a title into the title area, so maybe I will try tomorrow. Also, I don't know why some of my formatting is messed up...but I can't correct sorry. I hope it isn't too distracting!


Callie Michelle said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! I absolutely love Calla lillies and yours are just beautiful! What a gardener!!

Jeff said...

Thumbs up to Scott for getting the Wii! We love ours! I'll have to get his Wii number so we can share our Miis. Tell him I highly recommend Tiger Woods Golf for the Wii, I am having a blast playing it.

Marcy and Scott said...

Oh, Jeff. Scott already wants that game. He can't figure out how to get his online. He may be calling you. :) But, he has only had a little while to play with it. I am sure he can get it.
Thanks for the comment. Marcy

Marcy and Scott said...

Callie, I am glad that you like the flowers! Thanks!

Lauren said...

Your flowers do look beautiful! I always think it's so neat when you have enough flowers growing in your garden that you can cut some to put inside :)
I'm glad that Scott finally got his Wii - I'm sure he was excited! Happy Early Birthday to him!

Josh & Shana Stringer said...

I love your flowers too. I would love to have enough flowers in my hard that I liked to cut and put in a vase all the time. Beware, man + video game (sometimes equals) totally distracted and lazy.

marcybowden said...

Lauren & Shana, I am glad that you are as excited about having enough flowers to cut from the garden as I am. This is the first time it has happened for me!

Shana, I know what you mean. But, Scott is a very good husband and I am sure he will be resonsible with his Wii...right Scott???!

Thanks for the comments...Marcy

Sarah said...

Hey Marcy! Loved the picture of you guys with Lisa and her hubby. Tell her I said "hi" and I got to say...makes me miss the Shorter days when life was simpler. :)

Marcy and Scott said...

Sarah-Amen sister!