Sunday, October 21, 2007

SCHS Class of 1997 10 Year Reunion

Last night was my 10 year reunion. Most people looked the same as they had when we were in high school. There was one girl that I didn't recognize at all...I mean, it wasn't like I couldn't remember her name, I couldn't tell that I had ever met her before. But, I think she had had elective surgery to look the way she did. But, that's a different story.

One of my favorite high school teachers, Mr. Spier, who taught us AP English was there with his wife, who taught at Walton and had tutored me in AP Calculus. It was great to see them. A couple that Lisa and I were friends with in college, Trey and Jennifer (Simmons) Lyon were there. The organizers worked very hard to make it a fun night and they succeeded. It was nice to go and talk to people that I haven't seen in years and the ones I stay in touch with like Lisa and Lee and Robyn and Michael. I was sad that our friend Cristal, who is in the Air Force, working in Korea, wasn't there, but I am excited to know she will be home soon.

Below are some pictures from the night. Cristal, I hope you can see these!

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