Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Melanie!

Scott's mom's birthday was Friday, October 5. After we visited Meme, we went to Tracy's house (Scott's sister) to celebrate her birthday. We had flying saucers and Tracy and SaraBeth had made an angelfood cake, which we had covered in strawberries and coolwhip. It was all very good. We gave Melanie her gifts, and played with SaraBeth and Sam. Scott, Robert, and I checked out Robert's XBox 360. Sam has grown up so fast and he is talking pretty well and walking. He also LOVES to have his picture taken. If he sees you with a camera he smiles really big and then squeals "Whoa!" after the flash goes off. So, I got a ton of cute pictures of Sam. SaraBeth is so grown up and she is such a sweet big sister. She really loves Sam and it shows. I know that Robert and Tracy feel blessed to have such sweet children. I think that the funniest part about the whole night was that I learned that Scott and Tracy's parents like to play Wii. SaraBeth was also taking advantage of having her great grandmother there and played with her a good bit. It was a good family get-together. I couldn't choose which pictures to post, so I just did a slide show.

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