Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas With Marcy's Family

As you can see, I have added a slide show to the right of the pictures I took at my dad's house and at the nursing home during our visit with Meme this past Saturday. Some of these pictures are particularly funny and I feel they deserve an explanation. There is one picture where Paul is playing with Kristyn's Barbie. I just felt this was funny, so I took a picture of it. I am not sure if he was actually playing with it or trying to do something for Kristyn, but I took advantage of the opportunity. Ha! Next, you can see that Emily is heading into that teenage stage of not wanting her picture taken. We have many pictures of her trying to keep her picture from being taken. So, there is one picture where Scott got her unaware - eating a cookie. He was quite proud and earned an especially dirty look. Hehe. My dad and Stephanie have two LARGE dogs, Sadie, the dalmation, and Jack, the Great Dane mix (apparently mixed with some other breed of large dog). Well, these two are quite hyper and Daddy and Stephanie are nice enough to lock them out of the house while we are there. I can't stand it when they jump on me because dogs' nails don't retract and I end up looking like I have been abused. But, Sadie apparently did not appreciate being locked out and she kept jumping up on the back door and scratching at the screen door. At one point in time, I peeked out the window from the office and both dogs saw me and looked right into the camera for me. It was a cute picture. Kristyn loved to stand in the doorway and watch Sadie scratch. She even took a video with my camera. Lastly, you will see how many attempts it took for us to get one good family picture. The first few ended up looking like we were separated into "family groups" and the second group is funny because of my Daddy. He only really smiled in one of them and in one of them, notice the surprised look on his face as the picture took just as he was finishing scratching his nose! One picture is particularly funny because Scott forgot to set the timer and he accidentally took a picture of all of us "preparing" for the picture. We also took a "silly picture" so that Kristyn could give her dad reindeer antlers! The picture at the top is of my sister Wendy and me. We don't look anything alike, do we?!

Here is the video Kristyn took of Sadie scratching at the door. Most of her scratching fits were much longer than this. You can hear me in the background trying to torment the dogs into scratching so that Kristyn could video them. Poor Sadie and Jack.

Well, that just about sums up our visit in Dallas this weekend. We had dinner, presents, and family time. Scott, Paul, and Daddy even got to watch football while we ate.


Anonymous said...

That's a great picture of you and Wendy! Looks like you had a great time with your family.

The Cole Family said...

I love that picture of you and Wendy. Beautiful, inside and out!

Stephanie & Daddy

Anonymous said...

I like the pictures you posted... The one of you and me looks pretty darn good :) When you put us side by side it is hard to deny how much alike we look!

Hope you have a fun and festive New Years Eve planned.



Anonymous said...

Don't forget to send me a CD of all these pictures.( Pretty Please) I want to add them to my myspace page.

Thank U,

Marcy Bowden said...

Wendy - We were out of CDs but we bought some yesterday. I'll be making you one tomorrow and I'll drop it in the mail!

The Shadburn Family said...

Wow- you guys look alike!