Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying today! Scott and I have had a wonderful Christmas so far. Our weekend was great as well. All of our family gatherings were a lot of fun! I took a ton of pictures so I am going to have to pick out the best ones and do a slide show soon. The ones of Scott's family are going to require quite a bit of red eye reduction as they all have blue eyes. My family, on the other hand, being brown eyed (except Paul and one of his daughters, Kristyn), are much easier to photograph! This picture is of my family. The back row is Daddy, Stephanie, Me, and Scott. The front row is Emily, Wendy, Paul, and Kristyn. (Paul is my sister's fiance and Emily and Kristyn are his daughters).

Sunday's church service and Last night's Christmas Eve service at church were wonderful. Pastor Lee talked about how it is okay to enjoy the secular parts of Christmas as long as you are not allowing them to get in the way of your worship of Christ. If that is the case, you are making them idols. He also discussed, last night, the incarnation of Christ. I am so amazed and so thankful that God would take on human form and come and live as one of us in order to save us from our own sin. How awesome!

Scott's parents and grandma came to our Christmas Eve service last night and then we went out to eat at the Waffle House. Mmmm. Gotta love a patty melt plate!

I enjoyed exchanging gifts with our families as well. I love giving gifts. It's so much fun to see people react to the things you bought for them. But, I must admit that I also enjoy receiving them. I received so many great gifts this year. I have completed my collection of Tim McGraw CDs (I was only missing the most recent one), I have the entire Bible (ESV version) on MP3, I received a new Bible in the NASB version, which is what Pastor Lee uses, and I received both of the sewing books that I wanted. I think that I am fully prepared to start attempting to sew. I have received many other things that I also really wanted, but those are the highlights. Scott got lot of new things too. He received all of the books from Christian Books.com that he wanted, his GA Tech windsock that he had been wanting (exactly like the other one he had bought for himself recently, thanks to Tailgaters Alley Stores(Discover Mills and The Avenue at Webb Ginn), who are owned by GA Tech graduates, and he received both of the movies he has been talking about wanting since they came out: Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Also, his boss had given him a gift card to Game Stop for his birthday and Scott went out and bought a game that I had almost bought him for his birthday, Super Mario Galaxy. He is playing it right now...and he played it quite a bit yesterday while I was at work. He loves it. Scott's boss also gave him Harry Potter 5 (the movie) for Christmas. Yay!

I am leaving you with a little video I took of Sam trying to fit all 5 of the cars that Scott and I gave him for Christmas in his hands at one time. So cute.


Anonymous said...

I love this video! It is so cute. I'm a little partial though. Still a cute video.

Marcy Bowden said...

We'll send you all the pictures soon. I need to edit all the red eye out first. I have several very cute video's.