Monday, December 31, 2007

New Life

Shana, Lauren, and I had the privilege to be present at the birth of Eli. It was an amazing day! Charles, Maggie, and Andrew are such a sweet little family and they have now grown by one! I cannot wait to see Eli grow up.

Maggie and Charles have done such a good job preparing Andrew to be a big brother.


Anonymous said...

So are you totally scared of having children now?

Marcy Bowden said...

Actually, if I knew that it was always as easy as Maggie made it look, I would be ready to have a dozen!

Callie Michelle said...

I love that first picture of Andrew... he looks so genuinely excited. So precious!!

Scott Bowden said...

Let's not get carried away, Marcy... One at a time, please. ;)

Anonymous said...

Are we not going for the sextuplets? An instant family! One shot and you're done! You might even get your own TV show! Just kidding!