Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Maggie's Shower

In January, Lauren, Shana, Maggie's mom Vena, Maggie's friend Adrienne, and I threw Maggie and Eli a baby shower at Vena's house. We had a full nacho bar and of course my margarita punch (nonalcoholic, in case you were wondering). I really enjoyed it. I know you will all be surprised, but I took a ton of pictures. Maggie was a very gracious gift receiver and it was so much fun to watch her open all her gifts. Andrew was there and behaved really well, as always. It was a lot of fun to finally meet some of the people that Maggie is the closest to that we didn't already know. I am including some of my favorite pictures from the night.

Andrew spent a lot of the night upstairs watching a movie. The movie sounded very exciting. Andrew is always ready to smile for the camera though!

Here is Maggie showing off the cool burp cloths Shana gave her. I just thought that this was a really good picture of Maggie!

This was my most sought-after picture all night. Jennifer was trying to avoid me so that I would not take her picture. She would "suddenly" need to refill her drink or something every time I would try to take a picture of the group she was standing around. I had visions of tackling her, but luckily, Lauren held her still for me. Look at those beautiful smiles!

Here's the star of the show! Isn't Eli so cute!

I think that these pictures speak for themselves. They are just really good pictures of some beautiful ladies that I love a lot! (And Eli, too.)

Lauren had to take several pictures before this one turned out like it did. I kept blinking every time my camera flashed! Also, I thought I was holding Eli up so that you could see him better, but most of the pictures turned out looking like I was letting him hang like a rag doll. I promise that he was securely in my arms, Maggie!

This picture was of the "big" gift and Maggie's reaction to it - do you see her clapping? Her mom and dad (and I think Aunt Nellie was in on this, too) gave her this super cool high chair.

This is a disclaimer that I have no idea why this post looks like it does. I tried to fit more pictures into a smaller space, but I don't think it worked out for me. I'll try to do better some other time.


Allison said...

I made that decision before Christmas. Most of my blog readers receive my monthly update letter so they already knew. If you want to be put on the list for that you can email me at allirae78@gmail.com


The Shadburn Family said...

Thanks for the great pics, Marcy! And you were FINE holding Eli.