Friday, February 8, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Last Sunday was the Super Bowl. The Giants played the Patriots. As most of you know, I have very few opinions on sports, unless you are giving me a choice to watch them or not. However, Scott was rooting for the Patriots because he wanted them to have a perfect season. We go to our friends' Rob and Cheryl's house each year for their annual Super Bowl party. Cheryl and some of the other ladies wanted the Giants to win because 1) they were tired of hearing all about the Patriots and how great they were and 2) they are the underdog champions. So, I couldn't really hear a lot of the commercials because it was kind of loud, so I plan to watch them on the internet some time soon. But, mainly I like going to be social and to have an excuse to eat lots of different foods. Every year so far, I have made my mint brownies and last year I started also making spinach rollups as well. I am about to post the recipes to both of those. Mmmm.

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