Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bizarre Week

So, things have been kind of weird lately, but last week was kind of bizarre.

On Tuesday, there were torrential down pours on our way to work. It started raining just as I was leaving the house and as I was driving down Pleasant Hill getting into the turn lane to turn left onto Club, it started raining so hard I couldn't see or hear anything but rain. Rain was coming from all directions. Scott was actually going in early, so he was in it too, right next to me. It slowed down just as I pulled into the parking lot at work so that I could run in and not get too wet. Not fun.

Then, Wednesday, I was pulling out of the garage, and I realized it was snowing. How bizarre. It always seems to kind of warm up when it rains, so that's why I found it so strange. It stopped snowing just as I was about to turn from Pleasant Hill onto Club. Hmmm...

Well, Tuesday was the day that Pike got auctioned off to the highest bidder. So, we had a kind of party day. Of course those of us in accounting were still very busy, but we still had some fun with the rest of them. Everyone dressed very casually, most people watched movies. We had pizza and snacks and we played with nerf guns. Those nerf guns are still floating around the office, so you never know when you'll be pelted. Then Wednesday the news came that the company has been purchased by two different buyers: Armstrong Nurseries bought the entire retail part of the company (they are a huge nursery in California) and then three others purchased parts of the wholesale side of things. So, all the people who actually work in the retails stores will probably keep their jobs. I, however, probably will not. So, if you know anyone hiring a CPA that is in the Gwinnett area, that keeps a good work/life balance, please let me know. No public accounting please. I am just very frustrated because I left a very stable job to come here 1.5 months before they filed for bankruptcy. I know that they knew they were on the rocks. I could have kept looking and found a job with a much more stable company. But, that's all in the past and here I am...job hunting. And the worst part is, no one knows for how much longer we'll have month. Erg.

Oh, and for those of you NOT in the Atlanta area, it is in the 60's today and it is beautiful outside. We have the windows open so the cats can look outside! Craziness!

Yesterday, Scott and I went to a GA Force game with some friends from church. Once again, Callie had the hook-up with some great tickets! Arena football is interesting. It was our first game. It was really weird to see a football field in the middle of the Gwinnett Arena. It was so tiny compared to a regular football field. We had fun. The GA Force lost, so I was kind of bummed.

So that's it for now. Please be praying for my job situation. I also have several other friends that are in the job market, so please be praying for them as well. It is a tough time right now.


Jeff said...

I was at the Force game, too! My friends were the ones doing the keg roll on the field.

...and of course I took pictures

We saw the news on TV about Pike Nursery and wondered about your job. We're praying things will fall into place for you!

Midlife Mom said...

So sorry to hear about your job situation. That's really the pits but when one window closes another one opens or something like that. You get my drift, but seriously I will be praying that something suitable with a stable company will turn up. Thanks for giving me the shout out in your last post, that was really nice!

Sean said...

CompuCredit might be seeking someone like you, but it's a bit too far, I guess. It's very close to T&U.

Marcy Bowden said...

Jeff - I checked out your pictures on Flickr - they were really good! I may "borrow" some for scrapbooking purposes! We appreciate your prayers.

Midlife Mom - you are very welcome for the nice shout-out! You have such a nice and fun-to-read blog! I appreciate the encouragement. I know that I am in God's hands.

Sean - Yes, CompuCredit would be too far! But, thanks for the suggestion. If I am going to make the drive, I might as well beg T&U to take me back. But, I really feel like I need some corporate experience. So, I'll keep everyone posted!