Thursday, March 6, 2008


I just wanted to do a quick update on my job situation. I had an interview on Tuesday and they called my recruiter immediately in order to set up a 2nd interview with the Controller. So, they seemed to really like me. I had an interesting 2nd interview with the Controller this afternoon. My understanding is that they are making me an offer, but it was kind of late when I realized I had the message, so I'll call back to tomorrow to see what's up. Pros: great location (like 2 seconds from church), nice people, seems like a stable company, I think it will be challenging. Cons: I don't know if they'll offer me what I'm worth. I have other recruiters that I am dealing with as well and they are sending my resume around. The drawback to most of the jobs is that they keep sending me leads for places that I really don't want to drive to every day. So, we'll see. I have a phone "screening" with a company that's in Suwanee tomorrow morning (more on the John's Creek end).

As for what's up at my current job (if you can call it that at this point): I think that tomorrow is my last day. This has been a big question mark for me all week. No one had said anything to me as of Tuesday afternoon (irritating). Basically, no one in accounting had been talked to beyond our initial "get-to-know-you-meeting" that we had (nice way of saying that they were interviewing us for jobs we already had, CA people are so PC). I knew that on Monday some people were offered jobs, but everyone's pay was being cut significantly (like 4-20%!). On Tuesday, I spoke with a lady I work with who said that her understanding was that we were all being terminated that day. So, I just made the assumption that my job would end Tuesday since no one had talked to us about anything. SO, I started packing up my stuff. My supervisor, Michelle, came in and was all upset that I had packed up some of my stuff and said that she had to wind things down and wanted me to stay on and wind things down for at least 2 weeks, maybe 3. Then, the head HR lady came in (also upset that I had taken down my personal stuff) and said that the reason no one had talked to us is because they were going to keep 1-2 positions and they were going to offer it to Michelle first but that if they did offer me a job it would be much less than I was currently making (like 20K less, whatever!). So, I told her that they needn't bother. I would stay on with Michelle as long as they would pay me or I could find a job. This was all yesterday. They had already told the A/P people at this point that they would not be needed unless they would consider moving to CA (again, possibly at a pay cut - to move to CA, again, whatever!). Okay, so after all this - you should just prepare yourself because you will be surprised - we had a "wind-down team meeting" with the current President of Pike (who was also let go, no big surprise, don't they always do that?). In this meeting we were told that we would only be paid through this Friday. They didn't know that until right before the meeting. So, we should "work as hard as we can and as long as we can to get it all done." HA! I mean, the hourly people can and are so that they can get paid overtime. But, what incentive is there for me? I don't mean to have a bad attitude, but I have been working overtime for a company that hired me 1.5 months before they declared bankruptcy after they told me that they worked very little overtime. HA! HA! HA!

So, that's the story. Sorry for the rambling. I am very tired. But, while it has been stressful and an emotional rollercoaster in some ways, it has been fun in others because we have kind of been silly since we didn't have to worry about impressing these new people. It is sad that I have grown close to all these people and now we won't be working together any more. It is also sad for the group that took jobs with the new company because such a big cut in pay is bad for morale. Some of the people took jobs because they have been with the company for so long the thought of trying to find something else is too scary for them. Some people took jobs because they love the industry and the Pike family name and they are loyal to it and want to see the company do well. Plus, I think they were told that when the drought clears up, they may get a pay raise. Others took the job to have a job and insurance and I feel that they will be looking and leaving soon. (Yeah, the kicker is since the old company will no longer exist (an estate will apparently be formed), there will not even be any COBRA offered!)

So, there we go. That's what's going on. On a happier note, I did buy a new workout program called the Firm, which came with DVDs, weights, and a calendar for my workout and eating tips. It came in the mail today. I am really excited. I hope to lose all the weight I have gained lately so that I can fit into my summer clothes by the time it is hot enough. So, you should all keep me accountable by commenting from time to time and asking me if have been doing my videos.

I am sorry I don't have any pictures to post. My De Oro lilies have more than tripled in height since the other day when I posted pictures of them coming up. I will take pictures soon and show you how big they are. I am really excited!


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a pretty long post for a quick one. ;) Have you ever thought of working for a consulting firm? Or maybe internal control?


Southern Wife said...

Marcy, I can't believe all of this stuff with your job - I'm glad that it seems to be working out better now and you have found a new place. Also - the Firm works!!! I have tons of the DVDs and the step from the older version of the workouts (the very newest does not have the step anymore) and you will REALLY see a difference. It's what I plan to use to get the rest of the baby weight off but just have not gotten around to it yet. Good luck and I hope you like it as much as I did!!!