Tuesday, July 22, 2008

4th of July Weekend

The 4th of July weekend was a very busy weekend for us! We attended a surprise 30th birthday party for our friend and small group leader, Zach. The party was at his in-laws' house, which is always a fun place to be! There were lots of Zach's friends and family there and we really enjoyed ourselves. Scott and I brought fireworks and stayed until it got dark and did fireworks with Karen, Bob, Zach, Lauren, Andy, and Caitlin. I think everyone had a good time!

Then, on Saturday, we went to visit with Meme for a little while and then to Daddy and Stephanie's house for a 4th of July celebration. We had barbecue (they ordered some special for me without that sauce), pasta salad, deviled eggs, and all kinds of other good stuff. We had a lot of fun. We were too tired to stay for fireworks in addition to the fact that we didn't want to be out that late and be too tired for church the next day. I took some pictures with my camera, but not very many. However, I am sure that Stephanie wondered who took so many pictures with her camera when she downloaded them! Heehee. I saw her camera sitting out while she was upstairs, so I took it upon myself to take pictures with it. I hope some of them turned out good! (I think I even took at least one picture of myself!)

Meme seems to be doing about the same. She seems less like her old self and more like someone that isn't all together. She didn't complain as much about us not coming to see her very often, but she did say that she eats the same thing all the time and does the same ole' thing every day. So, it seems like she has less than her usual spark. My great-great aunt Annie Lou is also there and it seems like she doesn't even recognize us any more, which is sad. I also found out that I have some other further-removed relative there at the nursing home that I had never met.

So, over all the weekend was a lot of fun and we were still pretty tired on Sunday. But, I was still able to pay attention to the preaching, so that's good. Right, Chris?!


Chris Jordan said...
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Chris Jordan said...

No matter how tired you may be from a wonderful weekend, never AND I MEAN NEVER lose focus on Sunday morning when I am preaching! :}

If I do see you catching some zzzzzz's I may be tempted to toss my cup of water on you!

Marcy said...

Now, that's accountability!