Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Dark Knight

Two Saturdays ago, Scott and I went to see the newest Batman movie, The Dark Knight, with our neighbors Nan and John and their friend John and his daughter Nichelle. We had a lot of fun hanging out with them and then the movie was awesome (in my opinion, and I Scott seemed to agree). I learned from John (the friend, not Nan's boyfriend) that this movie and Batman Begins are actually a new Batman series by DC Comics. The old movies with Michael Keaton, George Clooney, and Val Kilmer (did I miss someone?) were done by Hollywood and apparently they made all the comic books people mad because they strayed too far from the real thing. Okay. I can appreciate that as someone who never thinks they stay close enough to the books in most movies I see that are out of books.

This movie has a lot of suspense, a love story, violence (like fighting and stuff, which it wouldn't be Batman if there weren't, right?), and all kinds of characters. I am almost certain that I jumped so hard one time that I shook our entire row of seats and at one point in time, I know that at the end of a particular scene, I realized that I had been sitting with my mouth wide open for several seconds (possibly minutes) with a shocked expression on my face. I may have even screamed out loud a couple of times! Whew! I was worn out when that movie was over! (And don't you all now feel sorry for Scott to have to go to all these movies with me when I behave this way?)

I would definitely recommend this movie. It was great! There was not even superfluous amount of cursing in it. Maybe a couple of words, but not like a lot of movies these days. The movie is rated PG-13 and I think that is about right.

Have you seen it? What did you think? Most people I have talked to really liked it, but my boss said it was "okay" because a few scenes seemed to drag out to him. But, I can't think of any scenes I thought were drug out (is that proper grammar? That always gets me). It does make me sad that Heath Ledger died after filming this for several reasons: 1)obviously it is sad that he died and especially at such a young age and for the reasons that he died, 2) he was a really good actor, and 3) he made a great Joker and they are going to have a tough job of replacing him!

I hope you all have feedback and leave it in a comment!


Erin said...

Thanks for the review! Michael saw it and also said it was excellent... between the two of you, I might be convinced to give it a try! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Robert and I saw it while we were at the beach. (Our babysitter was with us at the beach and she kept the kids so we could go out one night, so we went to dinner and a movie.) Of course Robert loved it but I was confused a lot because I don't keep up with all of the facts from the other movies and it's been so long since I had seen the other movies. I thought it was a little long but it's not my favorite genre of movies. It was okay I guess. But that's my opinion. Glad you liked it. I jumped a few times too and screamed at least once. I think Robert has permanent nail marks in his arm and leg. Hee hee. What our husbands have to go through to see a thriller movie with their wives.


mom0ktdid said...

This was one of my huband's all time favorite movies ever. He hasn't reviewed it on his movie review site....but he actually went to see it twice. Once with a big group of guys from church and once with his MOM! lol. I have absolutely no desire to see it, the previews totally creeped me out!

Shana Stringer said...

Josh and I went to see this on opening day and totally agreed one of the best movies of the year. We were nervous with all the Ledger hype it might not be that great, but he put on an amazing show. If the rumors are true that he got to into his character which lead to his death, one could see why.

Shana Stringer said...
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andysbethy said...

I am a few days late I guess, but I have to add my opinion. Dark Knight was AWESOME.
I do not think that it is possible to replace Heath Ledger, and I honestly hope they do no try. I am sorry, but the Joker is just going to have to stay locked up the looney bin, because no one else can play him. Heath BECAME the Joker, and I don't think that someone else can fill his shoes.
I am eager to see what they do next.

The Shadburn Family said...

We've yet to see it. We'll catch it on DVD probably. We haven't been to the movies in a while, man