Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Time Flies!

Can you believe that today is July 2...2008?!??!!!

I can't!

They say that time seems to pass more quickly as you get older. I think I have hit "old" because time seems to fly by.

We had a wedding shower for my sister, Wendy and her fiance, Paul this past Saturday. We had some friends and some family come. We ended up with 19 people, including Scott and I, at our house. I thought that was a good number. Wendy and Paul got lots of gifts, so that was really great!

After the party, Wendy and Paul and Emily and Kristyn (Paul's two girls) stayed and hung out and played Wii. The girls LOVED the Wii. They wanted to stay for the rest of the weekend to play! We would have let them, but they didn't have any extra clothes or toothbrushes!

Well, Friday is the 4th of July and we are off work. July 4th is a very important holiday for our country and I think that sometimes people get so caught up in fireworks, BBQs, and, for certain people, drinking, that they forget WHY we celebrate. We should always be mindful and thankful of our freedom.

Just as a side note, it sounds like someone that lives close to me is celebrating a little early. I think I'll open the blinds and check it out...I can hear it but I can't see it.

Speaking of the sky (well, I kind of was since I mentioned the blinds and fireworks...right?), on Sunday we had a really powerful thunderstorm (that really didn't bring that much rain, even though it seemed like it did). The storm happened right before dusk-ish. So, the sun had not started going down, but it was blocked by clouds. Well, the clouds started moving out of the way just as sunset started and everything was really still and...well, pink, outside. I was a little concerned that we may have a tornado, but there were no warnings. Scott went out side and got these pictures. I think they are beautiful!

This is a question for all you cat people out there: do your cats seem to get sweeter as they get older? Ours do. Maxwell won't drink water from the tub now until we pet him first. Sometimes, it isn't enough for just one of us to pet him, we both have to if we are here. Also, most days when I get home, Sampson talks to me really sweetly until I pet him for a few minutes. They didn't used to "ask" for attention like that. Sunday night, the reason I didn't take the pictures of the sky is because Sampson was curled up in my lap. That was probably because I was covered up in his favorite blanket, but I'll take it how I can get it. We just have the cutest, sweetest boys ever. I'd like to hear your cat stories!


Anonymous said...

It was a fun shower...thanks for being the hosts with the most!!



mom0ktdid said...

Those pictures of the sky are amazing!!!!

Josh, Amy & Quinn said...

Girl we are NOT OLD!!! We have been busy with Callie's wedding stuff and you have been busy with Wendy's. I did look at the calendar today and saw that in a few weeks Quinn will be in school...sniff, sniff =-) Now I am getting nervous!! See you on SATURDAY!!! callie's getting married...hard to believe that it is almost here!!



Midlife Mom said...

Great pictures of the sky! Amazing! Glad you didn't get any bad storms out of it though.
Yes, I think cats get more affectionate when they get older. When they are young like my two they are so busy tearing around the house they can't be bothered to sit in my lap! They do like to sleep with us though and will roll over wanting their bellies scratched.
My son's cat was missing for almost 5 days and finally came home last night with a paw in very serious condition. He asked me to come over to look at it and I thought she had gotten caught in some kind of a trap but the vet said it was a bite that had abscessed sp? but we can't figure out why she didn't come home all those days. She is going to be okay but will lose probably two toes off that paw. She has to go in and have the bandages changed every other day and they have to sedate her for that. That's why I don't let my cats out at night. Too many things going on here in the woods! We are just so happy she came home FINALLY!