Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby Shower for Kari and Eric

Some of our friends that Scott went to college with, Kari and Eric Moore (well, he went to college with Eric, Kari came along later :)), had a baby shower thrown for them last Sunday (Sept. 9). It was a lot of fun to see everyone and to watch Kari and Eric open all their gifts. There were some interesting games played and the pictures turned out quite funny. There was one game where a baby blanket had all kinds of baby stuff pinned to it and you got to look at it for a minute and then you had to write down everything on the blanket. Then, you had to throw "dirty" diapers into a basket from a certain distance. Some people (Rob) came up with inventive ways of cheating. Then, the guys played the game where you have to drink beer out of a bottle and the first to finish wins. It seems like a lot of work to drink from a bottle and I think it was even harder to try to suck beer out of the bottle. Anyway, that game always brings about fun pictures. I have a slide show of them below. Some of my favorites are of Rob cheating at the diaper game (even though there were no rules against leaning over until you are basically dropping the diapers in the basket), Eric looking at his bottle cross-eyed during the bottle contest, and of course I love the side shot I got of Kari. She is such a cute pregnant person.

I know that Kari and Eric are really excited about Evan's arrival. He is due on October 15. I am sure that they could use all of our prayers as they prepare to be parents.

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