Thursday, September 27, 2007

Update: Life

Well, here I am. It is 7:02pm on Thursday and I am sitting in our office looking at my work laptop since I meant to work on it tonight and I can't get the "VPN" connection to work. Hmmm...strange since I brought it home on my first day of work and it was fine. But regardless...tomorrow promises to be a long day. Normally, I would ask my husband, who is my personal "IT guy" what to do, but he is in class. Scott is taking 2 classes this semester, one in the classroom on Thursday nights and one online. Usually he only takes one class at a time, but these two classes are required to be taken at the same time I think. Anyway, these are Scott's last two classes for his "Information Security" certificate from Gwinnett Tech. Also, he will get to also get his "Network Administrator" certificate that he was working on when we started dating. He took all of his classes then realized that he was short a class. At this point, the school has decided that class is no longer necessary for that certificate, so yay! Scott gets to get his certificate without that stupid class. Anyway, I digress.

Work is going okay. I can't say that I am just looking forward to going to work every day, but I can't say I am dreading going to work every day. I am still learning and it seems that a lot of change has taken place at Pike recently and things are still changing. So, we shall see. I do desperately miss my T&U friends/coworkers. I email them and talk to them, but, it's different not seeing them every day. I am making new friends at Pike, but I can already tell that I will never be as close to these people as I am to my T&U friends. Also, it was comfortable there and I mostly knew what I was doing. People came to me with questions and I almost always answered them. I gave other people work to do and they did it. I had job security. Now, I am asking questions, I am being given work, and I have no idea what these people think about me.

So, our house is officially on the market now. We have a sign and everything. We had someone come look at the house on Sunday afternoon. Our agent followed up with their agent and they said that they wanted a bigger back yard. Good luck if you want a house as new as ours and in Gwinnett. Anyway...I am hoping for a larger yard when we move too. Hopefully it won't take forever to sell because I really miss our recliner and my cookbook table.

My 10 year high school reunion is coming up in less than a month. TEN YEARS! Wow! It doesn't feel like it has been ten years. But, at the same time, when I think back to all the time between now and then, it amazes me what has happened. My mother died, I have gotten a college diploma, I have been saved, I have met the love of my life and married him, I have taken the CPA Exam and (finally) passed, my grandfather died, my dad has been remarried, I have lived in countless apartments and purchased a house. And, after all of this, I can still remember how it felt to be in high school. I've been thinking, if ten years goes by this fast for us, how fast does time go by for God, who has been around forever, since before "In the beginning..." in Genesis 1:1?

The last time I saw Meme she wasn't doing so well. There was a definite change in her. About 2 weeks or so later the nursing home called my sister and said that they were going to run some tests. She is having mini strokes. Her brain is detiorating. She has had a lot of back pain ever since she got so sick in April. It is just sad to see her like that and think about her going down so quickly. Please pray for Meme.

Well, that is enough for now. I know I have already said too much. I am sure you are all bored by now, if anyone is reading this at all. I looked at our webstat today and 1 person had read the blog today.

Well...have a GREAT weekend! I am looking forward to it and I hope you are too!


colettem said...

~I had my 10 year the beginning of August and I agree--it is amazing to think it has been so long. It was good to see everyone who came, but looking back on all that has happened and all the life changes, it is hard to believe where I was vs where I am today. Some days it seems like yesterday; but other days, when i look at everything that has happened, it is an eternity.
~Hope all is going well with having your house on the market. My prayers are with Meme and your family as you stand beside her.

Christina said...

I am right there with you on the work situation. I just changed schools after teaching in the same one for 6 years. It is really different to not know anybody, and to not be near the top of the ladder anymore. I do love my new school though. I am just getting used to the new people, new way things are handled and new policies. Good luck, and it is great to see you on the blogging network.