Monday, September 3, 2007

Work, Home, and Everything In Between

Well, this week was my first week at Pike Family Nurseries as the Senior Accountant. I have learned a few things about my position this week. I think that everyone is very nice so far. I am reserving my opinion on whether or not I will like this job until I have been through an entire month "process". I have learned how to do one of the daily and one of the weekly tasks I will be doing and starting tomorrow I will learn what is involved in the "close" each month. So far, so good. I feel like they have a lot of expectations for me because I am a CPA, so I hope that I live up to those expectations. But, I am going to give it the best I've got, and hopefully that will be good enough.

Besides that, Scott and I have selected a real estate agent, Beth David-Erwin with Century 21. She is going to help us sell our current home in Loganville and also to find a home up in the Norcross/Duluth area close to our lives. Beth came over on Friday and gave us suggestions for things we can do to make our house look roomier. We are packing up both of the bookshelves that we have and putting their contents and one of the bookshelves in storage, as well as a table I have in the kitchen that holds my cookbooks and our recliner. Also, we are getting rid of an old bookshelf that I have nightmares will fall over or fall apart every time we move it. We also need to do a good bit of de-cluttering. We are going to do the best we can. I spent a couple of hours cleaning up our gardens on Saturday, too. I really hope that it doesn't take as long to sell our house as a lot of people's have, because I am going to miss my stuff if we have to do this for the long-term. But, I know that everything happens in God's time and we need to just listen to Him.

Yesterday after church we followed Josh and Shana up to Dean and Judy's and spent the night and the first half of the day up at their new house. It is so beautiful up there and it was really great to see Dean and Judy. They both looked great and we had good food. Last night Shana and I chatted with Judy and scrapbooked and then today we went to the Commerce Outlet Mall. Josh and Scott did some chatting with Dean and they played Scott's Wii a good bit last night and some today. It was fun, but just not long enough. I am hoping we get invited back very soon! :)

Bogey and Zoe were up there too and they were really cute! Here is a picture of them playing tug-of-war that Scott took while Shana and I were out shopping.

Well, it has been a great long weekend. Football season is kicking off. I still do not get all that worked up over football. But, I do enjoy the social opportunities it creates. Scott and I went to our friends Eric and Kari's house on Saturday to watch the Tech game. They really beat up on Notre Dame. Luckily, I didn't have to watch the game, I chatted with the ladies and ate good food. There were just a few of us there, so it was a really good time to chat. Kari is expecting and she is due in 6 weeks, so we had fun looking at baby stuff and talking about other girly things.

Scott and I have tickets for the Tech game this coming Saturday against Samford. I am looking forward to tailgating. I know of a few other of our friends who will be there as well. If you are going to be there, comment and let us know!

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Shana Stringer said...

You need to send me this picture. I have never got a good shot of them playing tug o war. I need it for my scrapbook. hehe