Friday, September 21, 2007

Memories Remembered

Up until pretty recently, we were sometimes taking pictures with Scott's old digital camera and sometimes with my 35mm camera that I had had forever (really, almost everywhere I went, someone would see my camera and say, "Hey, I used to have that camera.")

So, I got pretty lazy about developing my film when I decided I really wanted a new digital camera. I have had film laying around for about 2 years. So, I finally took it all to Sam's and had it developed and put on CDs. Here are some of my favorite pictures that were on the film:

This is one of Scott's parents taken in TN at his Aunt Rita's 60th birthday party over a year ago. It's a good picture of them. That trip was a lot of fun.

These are of Maxwell. He was still pretty young. I believe this is right around the time he started teaching himself to drink from the faucet in the tub without getting in the tub. So cute and smart!

This is a picture of Sampson, still pretty young (not full grown), in a basket that now has magazines in it. I don't know why he is making that face, but it is hilarious. The funniest thing is that as big as he is now (14.2 lb), the other day I emptied out that basket, and he squeezed himself down into it. I couldn't believe he could fit himself in it!

For Christmas of 2005, Scott decided that he wanted to put lights all over the front of our house. Here he is leaning over for a picture. Incidentally, Scott is afraid of heights and neither of us can figure out why he wanted to do this, and he has never done it since.

In November of 2005, Scott and I went on a trip to Las Vegas (Scott was going for work and I tagged along). Inside the Flamingo Hotel, there is a huge casino, but also a zoo of sorts. I took pictures of these penguins for Scott because that is his favorite animal. We went back together later, after he got off work, but this time I was alone and following this particular trip to the hotel, I walked around inside the hotel for at least 30 minutes before I found a map to show me how to get out. I kept finding the casino, however, but was not interested in gambling.

This is a picture of the replica of the Statue of Liberty that is in front of the New York, New York hotel. It looks very real (although I have never seen the real Statue of Liberty in real life), and I thought it was amusing that there were palm trees out in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Here is a picture of the Paris hotel in Las Vegas, with the replica of the Eifel Tower next to it. Paris was probably one of my favorite hotels in Las Vegas. I would walk over there almost every day when Scott was working and get a danish or something in the morning for breakfast.

While we were in Las Vegas, we rented a car and drove to the Hoover Dam. Here we are at the dam. That was a very interesting trip and tour.

We went to the MGM hotel multiple times to watch the lions. There is a tunnel you can walk through to the gift shop and the lions sometimes would walk over them. Here is one laying on top of the tunnel eating a bone. Isn't that funny?

This picture I took for my Daddy. He is a vending machine man, and I was impressed that a Coke machine this old was still working. It was on our floor in our hotel, which was the Boardwalk hotel. The year after we were there, they tore down that hotel. I wonder if this Coke machine had been installed when the place was built. Anyway, here it is. Daddy, I hope you read this and I hope you are impressed with this old machine. (hahaha)

Look at how teensy our boys used to be! Karen, I hope you see this. Karen made the cat bed our cats currently have and they can barely squeeze into it together and it is huge. This was when we had had them for several months already and they were growing so fast. They were so cute! (Wait, they are still cute, but still.)

Here is a picture of Wendy (my sister) and I at my Aunt Nina's old house (which sat close to the intersection of Powder Springs Rd. and the East West Connector, where a Wal-Mart is now). I think this is New Year's Eve 2004. Anyway, Wendy looks cute in this picture, doesn't she?

This picture was taken at the Norcross Station Cafe when we went there for lunch in celebration of Cheryl and Robin's birthdays, which are both in September (I think that this was in 2004, I am almost positive). From Left to Right: Dan, Natalie, Jennifer, Cheryl, Grace, Robin, Phil, and me. Of these people, it is quicker to list the people who still work at T&U than those that have left. (Natalie, Jennifer, Cheryl). Where was Teri that day? Maybe she was at a client...
So, I know what you are thinking...Marcy is long-winded. But, just think, I had six rolls of film developed. I think that I did a pretty good job of just choosing a few pictures to share! :)
Once again, I have no idea how to get the pictures to look right. No matter how many times I go to "edit" and change things, they end up looking jumbled and out of place. Oh well...hopefully it will not be too distracting. Have a great weekend!


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