Monday, November 19, 2007


Well, I am sure that you have all seen the tailgating and football "slide show" I have over on the right side of the blog. Scott and I have been to three games this year at GA Tech. The last one we had tickets for this season was this past Saturday against UNC. The game was at noon, so we brought breakfast foods for the tailgate. I brought sausage balls and monkey bread. The monkey bread was a big hit. I always forget how much most people like monkey bread. I will post the recipe on the blog soon. I didn't take the camera because I was tired of keeping up with it. We also ended up not sitting in our seats, but sitting with our friend Rob who has REALLY good seats on the 42 yard line. Plus, I am sure it was nice that Scott had someone he could talk football with. I enjoyed it because I wasn't worried about the drunk people that we sat next to the last time and I didn't really have to pay that much attention to the game since Scott could talk to Rob about it. Altogether, it was probably my most enjoyable tailgate and game this season. Thanks for inviting us to sit with you, Rob! This coming Saturday is the annual UGA vs. GT game. Can Tech break the losing streak they have had against UGA this year? We'll see...

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