Monday, November 26, 2007

Various Ramblings

Scott and I went to Scott's parents' house for Thanksgiving. His whole family was there. We took a lot of pictures, which I want to put in a slide, but I can't right now because Scott is doing school stuff and we (well I) discovered the other day that if I am trying to upload pictures to a website, it slows down not only my internet connection, but Scott's too. That's because we share an internet connection. I thought two cords, two connections, but oh well...I can share...

Anyway...I'll post our Thanksgiving pictures of our family some other time. For now, I will just post one picture (apparently this picture was enough to cause enough drag to cause Scott to say "Are you uploading something?" I can't get away with anything :oP-) Scott's parents threw a mini birthday party for Scott and SaraBeth since their birthdays are both in November. Scott's parents got him this George Foreman grill with removable plates off of his wishlist. Yay! We used it tonight to make Stuffed Fiesta Burgers. A word to the wise: don't use a George Foreman grill to make burgers stuffed with cheese. The grill seems to squeeze the burgers...and all the cheese squeezed right out. I scraped it off the grill and onto the top of the burgers. They were still good and there was still some cheese in there...but I don't know if we'll do that again. We are still pumped about the grill. Scott is especially because he doesn't like to grill in the freezing cold.

I have some random thoughts of late.

First, our house: Our real estate agent included our house in an article in the Rockdale paper about how resales are better than new homes a couple of weeks ago. The day before the article came out, someone came and looked at our house, but we have had no one else come look at it. I think our house is really cute, and our yard is really nice! Oh well...someone who appreciates our hard work will come along.

Next are just random thoughts from Marcy:

Friday night we went to see a movie with Shana, Josh, and Andy. Scott hadn't been feeling well and we were running out of Advil Cold and Sinus, which we love, plus that will keep you awake. So, we stopped by our Kroger, which is open 24/7...yes, folks, way out here in Loganville. Anyway, we go to pick up some Advil Cold and Sinus and some Nyquil (so Scott could sleep and breathe), and there were no boxes of Advil Cold and Sinus on the shelves...just these little cards that looked like the box. So, we take our little card and our bottle of Nighttime (which is the generic brand, but my daddy always says it's just as good, and he knows about these things) up to the pharmacy counter and the poor pharmacist tells us that the federal government passed a law in September that causes anyone who sells this stuff to enter the purchasers into their federal database, but they provide no funding. So, Scott has to fill out this form with all kinds of information, including the exact time he is there purchasing this stuff...and give his birthday so that he can buy the Nighttime. Apparently, people were buying up tons of Advil Cold and Sinus because it contains Sudafed and you can use Sudafed to make Meth! How scary is that?! Did you know about this? How do people find this stuff out?

Wednesday, I had to stop by the store on the way home to get whole milk, because that's what I needed to make macaroni and cheese for Thanksgiving and I had forgotten to get it at my big grocery visit. I also needed my eye makeup remover and I had allowed myself to get into an emergency state and I am not brave enough to go to Walmart the day before Thanksgiving to save a few cents on eye makeup remover. So, I went to Kroger. I am a fan of Kroger, what can I say. So, I go to the area with all the face stuff and right next to my normal Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover is a pump bottle of Neutrogena foaming facial cleanser and eye makeup remover all in one. I think, "no way". I flipped the bottle over and the back of the bottle plainly states that it easily removes waterproof mascara. I think...this is too good to be true...but I bought it anyway. I hate eye make up remover. I always rub forever and still end up rubbing half my mascara off with my towel after washing my face and still get out of the shower the next morning with mascara somewhere around my eyes. So, I tried this soap stuff. I figured Neutrogena is a trusted brand, right? Well, I have used this soap several times now and it smells uncomfortably similar to the OXYclean foaming cleanser that we clean our carpet with when the cats cough up a furball and my skin definitely feels clean after I use it...but very dry. I think I might compare the ingredients on my facial cleanser to the bottle of carpet cleaner. Oh, and it got about as much mascara off my eyelashes as the eye makeup remover does, maybe a teensy bit more! So, that brings two questions to my mind. First, should I keep using this stuff if it smells like carpet cleaner? I mean, I haven't broken out and while my face initially feels dry, it isn't dry once I have put on flakes or anything. And secondly...does anyone ever actually get all of their mascara off without feeling as if they have caused undereye wrinkles worse than their grandmother's? This may seem insignificant to some...but wrinkles worse than my grandmother's and a dirty face seems pretty serious to me every night when I battle with myself between which fate I must face.

So, that was a long post about nothing really...I hope you enjoyed a little look into the random thoughts I have quite often. Please feel free to let me know about the meth and the mascara/facial cleanser situation.


The Shadburn Family said...

You're so cute- reading your post was just like listening to you in person! I like the Mary Kay eye makeup remover and the Bath and Body works eye makeup remover. They seem to work well, I use them with little cotton pads. Good luck!

Shana Stringer said...

I agree with Maggie about MaryKay's eye make up remover. I like that one alot, but it is more expensive unless you kind find it cheaper on competitive websites or ebay and not as easy to get when you need it badly. I am not a fan of clinique or nutregena's brands either. I have tried both those and they definitly aren't as good. But, recently I picked up something that I really like. It isn't as good as my MaryKay stuff, but way better then the others I have tried. The Oil of Olay night cleaning clothes. Mine said on the box that they work well with getting make up off too. I know they have more then one kind that is why I am trying to be specific. I have a night regimine where I wash my face and I was always using new wash clothes, well I decided to buy these and now I don't have to worry about my wash clothes either; I flush these down the toliet. I have been using these for almost a month because they come 30 in a pack and it is almost time to replace them and I am going to replenish them.

the Cole's said...

You are too funny! We really enjoyed reading your blog. I don't have any advice about eye make-up remover, sorry. Your dad and I did know about the Meth information. I guess when you in my line of business you find out these things, usually from kids that watch their parents! Crazy and Really sad. Can't wait to see you for Christmas. Take Care.

Stephanie and Daddy

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how, but I did know that you could use the ingredients in sudafed to make meth, I believe I know this from someone I used to work with.

I am you use a separate facial cleanser and eye makeup remover? I use Neutrogena facial cleanser...the brown liguid stuff. I don't use a separate eye cleanser. I have tried many cleansers and they all dry me out so bad that I stick with the expsensive one. I completely understand worrying about eye wrinkles... after all, we do have the same grandmother!


mary said...

Lol , I enjoyed the random comments

1. Yes,unfortunately I knew about the meth thing for years now...I've actually been behind somebody buying about 20 boxes of sudafed before....i'm sure to make meth! So as much as it is annoying, I am very -pro the laws!

2. I always use the neutrogena eye makeup remover in the blue bottle...I would keep using the new one if it works!