Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween at Pike

For Halloween, we got to dress up at work. I was meeting my friend Lindsey and her daughter Ruby for lunch (yep, I left my camera on my desk at work, so I didn't get any pictures, but I will post some picture of Ruby once Lindsey sends me some in her costume that night), so I didn't exactly want to dress up to go out to lunch. But, several people did and I got some good pictures.

This is my immediate supervisor, Chuck. He dressed up as a pirate and walked around all day saying "ARGH!" to people. He has four sons!

This is Sherri and Toni who, obviously, dressed up as cowgirls. Sherri does AR and I have to work closely with her. She is very nice and helpful. Toni is in charge of training all the store employees. So, she knows what they are talking about when they call and ask me questions about what they do in the software and I have no idea what they are talking about. She also knows a lot about gift cards, which have been a real pain for me thus far.

This is Kymm, who also does AR. She dressed up as Foxy Brown. I think that is a character from Austin Powers. She looked really good in this outfit! She is also very helpful to me, but fairly new to the company. She is really nice.

This is Jolie. She works in HR, but the funny thing is that she lives in Loganville and teaches kickboxing and step aerobics at the gym Scott and I used to be members of. I had her classes many times! It's a small world!
There are also 6 other people in the accounting department who didn't dress up and the VP of Finance and Accounting and our admin. So, it takes a lot of people to coordinate 29 stores! I am getting used to being at a new place. I am still getting used to the work. But, I know that in time I will settle in.


The Shadburn Family said...

That looks like fun! It looks like you work with a lot of nice people, too. And I like the new pic of you guys...

Marcy Bowden said...

They are really nice. Thanks! I am glad you like the new picture, Maggie. I have been looking for a new one!