Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Early Birthday To Me!

My birthday isn't for a couple of weeks, but Scott couldn't find a good hiding place for my he gave it to me early!!

He gave me a Sansa MP3 player! It is pink and small and he got me an external drive thingy so I have a total of 8GBs of memory! He is ripping a bunch of my CDs to MP3 right now and loading me up! I am really excited! All I need now is that cord thingy that will hook it up to my stereo in my car and I can listen to my CDs much easier than having to worry about flipping through my CD case while driving down the road.

I am really happy about this present. I will enjoy my walking at the park on the days that Scott plays disc golf much more now!

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The Shadburn Family said...

Yay! Having music makes things like that easier.