Monday, March 30, 2009

More, Better Savings!

This weekend, I went online and looked at the Publix circular for sale items of things that we didn't necessarily have to have right now, but that we do use and would have to buy at some point in time. I really like their site because anything you want to buy, you just check it and it adds it to your shopping list and you can just print it out when you are done. Then, I went through all the online coupon sites looking for coupons that would match my items. I even googled coupons for ___ and sometimes I did get something! There were a couple of big priced items that we bought that were not on sale that we discovered that we needed. If you ever see the scrubbing bubbles refills on sale or get a coupon you don't need for them, let me know. We are always needing that stuff.

Anyway, drum roll please:

We bought about $85 worth of stuff for about $49! Plus, between this trip and the one last week, we are really stocked up now on things like granola bars, 2 Liters of Dr. Pepper products (which we take to fellowship meals at church or parties and stuff like that), cans of coke products, cat treats, canned green beans, and Ritz Crackers. I have discovered that it never seems like ground turkey breast is on sale. And, I need to buy more boneless skinless chicken breasts when they are on sale for $1.99/lb because man, we eat a lot of chicken.

Kroger has zucchini, squash, and vidalia onions on sale right now, so tonight I am going to go pick us some up and we are have chicken stir fry - yum-o!

So, have you found any really good deals that are going on right now that everyone else should be taking advantage of?


Carrie said...

I actually do my shopping the opposite. First, I go to the coupon websites...if anything is marked at 50% or more savings I look at it, and if it is something I would eat or use, I put it on my list. Then, I add to it things I absolutely have to have. I stock up on as many of the "sale" items I have using as many coupons as I can use (I get two papers at least) so I can get multiple deals on coupon things. At first it was frustrating because I didn't have a good stock of coupons yet and I still had to buy lots of necessities bc I had not stocked up on many things. Now I mostly buy super cheap sale things and very few necessities bc I have already stocked up on them.
You spent way less than me though, so whose winning? ha ha!!!!

Wendyk625 said...

Walgreens has Red Baron Pizza's on sale 2/$5.00. Yeah yeah...I know they aren't what you would call health food....but they are great "kid" food.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Publix BOGO sales - I always stock up, espcially when I have coupons. Sounds like you're doing good so far - keep it up :)