Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fun Times

Our party turned out really well. We were all sad that Josh wasn't feeling well and couldn't come with Amy and Quinn, but I think that everyone had a good time. Callie brought me flowers, which was very sweet. The food turned out pretty good. My wonderful husband is the grill master and cooked the meat perfectly! Quinn and Andrew seemed to have a great time together. Our cats were pretty traumatized by the whole experience and hovered under the bed most of the night. They looked like animals from the wild when they emerged, but seem to really appreciate us and the quiet house today. They have been very affectionate today! Scott and I learned a new card game called "scum" and Lauren got to be King and I was the Queen. That was fun. Anyway, it was a great blessing to have all of our friends over at our house. The more time we spend together the closer we become and we feel so blessed to have such great, Christian friends.

Here is a really cute picture of Quinn and Andrew (left) while they were watching Veggie-Tales Sing-A-Long videos. They are such good friends. They really play well together.

Here they are over to the right being silly.

This is a picture of our cats getting in a cat nap before the party. They had no idea what was coming. I should have taken some pictures of them hiding under the bed, but that might have just been mean. They seem to have recovered from the experience.


Josh & Shana Stringer said...

That was a lot of fun. Can't wait till ya'll move closer.

Josh, Amy & Quinn said...

Ah man, I missed picture time :( It is so cool that you got one of Quinn and Andrew because just the other day I was thinking that I needed to get one of them together!! Thanks for having us. We had such a great time and next time Josh will be there and we can stay longer!!

Our love,


Marcy and Scott said...

I really enjoyed it too. When we move closer, we can have more impromptu gatherings!